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Glass House

Sep 26 2012 | BPM: 92.00 | Producer: The Unbeatables
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15 Feedback

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Emotional piano, melancholy strings, church bells and toy piano over smooth, natural hip hop drums.

Genres: East Coast, R&B, Urban

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15 Feedback to “Glass House”

  1. I wanted to sent you a personal message but I don’t know how.
    This is my version on your beat, would love to hear your comment about it.

    Greetings Haotje

  2. Dam that’s tight!!


  4. You see this glass house beat i dont know if the owner of the beat will angery if i put it in my first rap cause i really like it its the type of beat i needed it and i paid for it . so good work bro keep it up.

  5. good bro

  6. nice bro

  7. Stop promoting yourself, “Rappers” !!!

    Great beat Unbeat ! Keep It Goin !

  8. If you have not checked this track out please do, its probably the realist track ive ever recorded and its not even fully complete yet, i recorded it on the unbeatables beat called glasss house, hear my passion, share it, hit the like button leave feedback, support my dream and the 7 1 6 niagara falls.

  9. To be honest,i don’t like RnB/Urban type genre.But to say the truth i really like how u made this beat it’s really emotional and relaxed,good job!

    @cobex123, nice shit man damn

  10. To be real, my browser wigged out and accidentally posted that last comment here. I am digging this though, had it open in my tab for a reason. (And for the record, “The Unbeatables” has made my personal top 10, jus wasn’t this track).


    yo, if you want check out what I did to your beat. Thanks again.

  11. I browse this site heavily. I make this comment rarely, but this is one of the best instrumentals up here. It’s on my top 10, good job.

  12. Beautiful track. If M&M had this track he would make it a hit. It sounds like it would be a rap ballad. Love it. Yall have a lot of talent and are blessed. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Check my new song on one of your beats “Rotten Apple”. From Russia with love!

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