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Split Mentality

Mar 26 2010 | BPM: 90 | Producer: The Unbeatables
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11 Feedback

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Soft, piano and bell beat with steady drums and bass.

Moods: Dark

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11 Feedback to “Split Mentality”

  1. Always Mess Up The Best Beats Lol..

  2. Man Where The Fucc Is The Chorus ? It’s Always The Same..

  3. i’ll jam this shit right here minus the hihats, take them out and we’re straight haha….want to hear mobb deep on this

  4. The Unbeatables are me (2Deep) and Allrounda ;)

  5. i coulda thought this was a 2deep beat maybe its cause the kit and the bassline ion kno…good beat fam yall keep doin yall thing

  6. joints tight. shut the fuck up

  7. I was confused at first. I didn’t know if it was going or what was going on but then the melody kicked back in. I dig it, will probably end up using it.

  8. Where some more beats from nine diamond? Hes being wack I make like three beats a night he takes to long. by the way where do you get good drum kits i got my vst’s like purity, albino 3, hypersonic n stuff I need drum kits!!!!!!!

  9. these guys…. are fuckin’ dope. hands down, i’mma merk this one!

  10. These guys are pretty good. But this beat seems boring to me. Missing the WOW factor and needs alot more dynamics.

  11. i really like what these guys are doing. sounds sick!!!!!

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