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Trials And Tribulations

ON SALE: $199 | BPM: 90.00 | Producer: hala-X
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14 Feedback

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Chopped up piano and saxophone with brass synth over dirty, underground drums.

Moods: Dark, Relaxed, Sad
Genres: Underground

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14 Feedback to “Trials And Tribulations”

  1. 6/5

  2. this is dope

  3. 5 stars from me

  4. one of hala x’s best beats ever…. and he’s made alot of classics

  5. 100 % DOPE !!!!

  6. That boy Hala is going to put us all outta business…

    @marsad men, Heeey, there’s enough room for everybody here! Well… excluding all the WACKNESS thats corrupting this beautifull game!

  7. Logged on to Shadowville, saw the newest beat by Hala, and I swear I sprinted to my room to get my headphones. Sick beat! Some faggot rated it one star. Show some respect for the best producer on the site. 5/5 Glad you’re back

    @pugets sound, Best “welcome back” comment ever!

    @pugets sound, Seriously, I only come to Shadowville nowadays for Hala… even when blasting his old beats, his style never gets old.

    @muzzammil9, HAHA ME TOO…. Hala-X Is Better Than Dr. Dre NO LIE

    @followerrap, This one made my day. Thanks fam!

    @hala-X, Hala, have you ever tried sampling one of those classic Disney songs? lol I know that sounds kinda dumb, but if I know anyone, only you have the talent to turn something like that into a crazy beat. Plus I’m reminiscent and I miss my childhood LOL. I turn to you for therapeutic musical healing :D

    @muzzammil9, Well I did, but Disney doesn’t like it, clearing a sample like that would be nearly impossible. Closest to Disney shit was my beat called “Looney Goons”. At least it something lol

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