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The Next Level Pt. II

Jan 23 2013 | BPM: 64.00 | Producer: Marsad Men
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Motivational anthem with dry synths, bells, choirs, a deep bassline and a beautiful pan flute melody on the chorus.

Genres: Dirty South, Pop, R&B

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61 Feedback to “The Next Level Pt. II”

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  56. a man i whant to download the’s song

  57. omg i want this beat …love love love it…already have the perfect song for it too…hopefully it’ll still be available in a week

  58. Loving it from India

  59. i was really feelin dis doeeee

  60. I didnt know how you could have gotten any better with you kill me pt.2 from the first one.. but you did!! pt.2 was incredible! now this one!! oh! this one is so beautiful!

    @robby889, I am a Chinese.I like this accompany,too。

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