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In Our Next Lives

Feb 24 2013 | BPM: 68.00 | Producer: Slantize
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13 Feedback

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Emotional and romantic piano melody with inspirational violins, sad strings and deep synth bells over steady 808 drum pattern with heavy bass.

Moods: Happy, Relaxed, Sad
Genres: Pop, R&B, Urban

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13 Feedback to “In Our Next Lives”

  1. Reel her and feel her friend up
    I get the wheels to peel and spin
    Do a deal to fill her cup

  2. Eyeball a doll I brought a ball.
    Y’all can call me for a Trip
    Well worth the money you make to pay
    I will take your ticket
    happy for a visit in hell
    Where I can kick it
    I’m good fo’ yo fall

  3. @hotel67,

  4. very nice thanx slantize.

  5. Hay

  6. Like

  7. imma use this for a song for my lil bro he aint here no more man i love the beat

  8. Slantize love this beat it came to me at the right time of life too. I could never chose a favorite beat maker because you all make the best beats. I’m just about done writing to this one for my Aunt that we had to pull the plug on today. I leased it for 40$ and the shadowville tag is still in the beginning, I’m headed to buds studio tomorrow would like the reg beat no tag if possible. Thanks again for this beat I come to shadowville all the time for my beats. This beat is really self medicating to me right now.

    @poetry2myears, fixed

    @Slantize, Thanks I have the rough copy on youtube copy and paste to youtube don’t know how to highlight it on here. If that doesn’t work put in My Last song by M13 on youtube click Herbsmanjah Lisa’s Song is the tite to this beat.

    @poetry2myears, elaaaa

  9. Very nice. Glad to see you posting again!

  10. This beat is best one you have dropped this year!! Keep up the good work!!

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