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Shut It Down

ON SALE: $200 | BPM: 91 | Producer: 2Deep
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12 Feedback

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Swinging chopped piano melody with big snares and underground kicks.

Moods: Dark, Frantic

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12 Feedback to “Shut It Down”

  1. So is this by 2Deep or Sean Divine? Both are offering the exact same beat?

  2. nice nice nice

  3. Go back to college. u dont have a future in music. Especially if all your beats are samples. learn how to play our own shit. they stilll sound tight in a way though. but anyone could cut and paste samples. been in the industry for a while. theres no future in this. not with others peoples samples. u know that its been done sonce the 80s and know played out. check out all the other websites

  4. Hey Equipped, nothing weak about this one. This beat is sweet. 2 deep doesn’t do any beats that are weak, you must be hearing some faint,WEAK, voices in your head…sorry.

  5. Wow this is not even my genre and this is great! 2deep’s beats always move people. keep up the great work!
    so awesome 5/5

  6. starts out sounding cool and comes in pretty weak. nothing too speical ive heard alot better from 2deep.
    and illacist what do you think the piano is? its a sample lol and murrmdizz it probably only reminds u of mozart and beethoven cuz those r probably the only composers you know haha this is alright at the most.
    2.5 outta 5 and i aint hating just not a cock rider like most people

  7. 2Deep is fackin gangsta.

  8. ill give it less than 5days before this ones sold sounds crazy man good shit

  9. the pinao keys remind me of some kind of mozart, beethoven type. niice

  10. Damn nice beatt mann! it wud have been good also i reckon if it had a lil samplee 2 it maybe on the hook or sum shut never the less u never fail to dissapoint man dope shit

  11. This Shit Is Dope! Been Missing Out On Some Of Your Newer Stuff

  12. ummmmmmmmm…..ill give it a week before its sold

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