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Mar 08 2013 | BPM: 93.50 | Producer: 2Deep
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Oriental instruments over big drums.

Moods: Angry, Happy, Silly

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3 Feedback to “Loud”

  1. fuck yeeaaah sick beat, wrote a whole song to it already just gettin angry at the world! fuckin dope, i will purchase when my funds are up! i love this shit!

  2. short freestyle for a shor duration of the beat. I could easily have continued but haha I just thought I’d give you all a taste of what I got. I swear to God dont fucking copy my lyrics or so help me God I will Hunt you down and gut you like a pig. nah im jus fuckn wit ya, use em if you want but if you do and you put in on youtube Give me some credit or I will claim copyrights on your ass.

    “I’m so Loud an I’m so proud with 2deep on the beat Now listen when I speak Mr.Mrg yes that is me, Freedom of Speech I do as I please Smoking weed Getting so High I sweep Sour D’s Sours So Sweet Meet MRG on the street you’ll Flee The 5th I Plea So Fuck the Police MrMrg will not be on leash. Fresh, Yes Blessed Yes Fuck you Bitches Snitches hit the peak In United States Getting High Ya Know me. Baked Like a Cake Got Cookies on my Plate Hate not Today Juicy Beats each Day Eat Like a King Royal Crown on my bed, Fucking with me, its better left unsaid. Like Santa on his Sled Red Bandana on my head
    Bannana in my bread, Spreading to every city Like Atlanta Panorama. Cabana In Savnnah Really Fucking Hot, when you fuck with me I will drop you on the spot Cocked and Loaded is my Glock Don’t be fuckin the cops. They ant Never heard of me, Breakin every word you once promised over me”

    @mrmrg1992, Btw DOPE BEAT! I love it

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