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Hurricane (With Hook)

Apr 05 2013 | BPM: 87.00 | Producer: Atomic Beats
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33 Feedback

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Inspiring beat, with live violins, acoustic and electric guitars, piano and bass over steady drums. Hook by Micki Consiglio.

Genres: Pop, R&B, Urban

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33 Feedback to “Hurricane (With Hook)”



  3. Hey there Atomic,

    like i said before, I purchased the blanket license of this beat a while and finally able to find sometime to write something. Also purchased a couple of more of your beats and in a working progress. Please let me know what you think of it. The following link should take you to the particular song mentioned above. Please leave your feedback @ Thank you!


  5. I just Bought the blanket license of this beat. Could you please let me know who the girl is so i can include her as a featuring artist in the song title, along with you as the producer when I release a copy of this song. Thanks.


  7. Hei Bro really nice beat, I reeeaaalllyy like it.
    It’s just that my English is not perfect, so could you maybe write down the Lyrics for me !?

  8. this tune is one of my favorites… im gonna write to it and if i like what i come out with im going to buy the dam tune…. i tell ya im going through some real tough stuff in my life right now with losing my second child and i could use a tune like this to express my feelings with my partner who bless her had to give birth to our dead baby at 16 weeks … love it keep this up man? all shadowville producers are top class individual producers thanx for the inspiration!!!

  9. what do you think about my love song

  10. this is my demo

  11. I love this beat verry much. I sung this song by my own lyrics

  12. I love this beat verry much. I sung this song

  13. Zajebiste!!!! :O

  14. can i also get Micki Consiglio. in one of my joints? i appreciate

  15. sup atomic beats…i want to purchase this beat. when i do, will it have the tag at 39 dollar

  16. atomic..great job…is amazin….check it out and tell me what do you think about it….

    @androzam, Heard it on facebook. Pretty good

  17. минуси зурай!!

  18. lyric ? please !

  19. Atomic, i don’t know if it’s your thing but check this out. i feel you’re the only one who could do this justice. I’d love to hear something with this.

    @lyrikz_x27, Lol yeah its nice. We’ll try to make something like that

  20. I have a question regarding the lyrics on these tracks that you produce. If i wish to use the regualar track (no hook) and get a singer of my own to provide the hook can I change some of the wording to better fit my message? Meaning sound similar but change things here and there. Thanks and phenominal job on the tracks, keep it up!

    @jperrigan, Yeah you can do that

  21. very nice music :)

    @binladen1, Thank You

  22. Awesome!

    @King Cobra, Thank You

  23. Wonderful beat, as always!

    Do you know where I can contact the hook singer?

  24. I wrote a little verse to this :)
    How many lines can fit in a lifetime
    just to let me know one wish to put me down now
    Do not feel pity about me, try to understand why my
    need is to make this work cause I have the right time
    Building up my blueprint & burning all the school things.
    Everything I did there was so motherfuckin’ stupid.
    Even if I’m losin’ and even if your foolin’
    I’m proud to say; I do it and I am not a cool kid.
    I trusted in my words and I confronted the laziness
    Only time I’m hurt is when I drop my own confidence
    Like I didn’t have the balls to go and dial some friends,
    and I was to scared to even give a girl a compliment
    If that has made me weak then it should be a evidence
    but everything I see is me provoked the living hell
    If you’re one of billions that maybe feel the same
    You should be the one that sings the song about the hurricane

    Hey, ur verse z too gud nd i need ur help. @razzlen,

    @razzlen, Nice bro! Make sure noone stills that ….

  25. Need Lyricss :/

    @nikka., There’s always somebody who really wants to make you fall
    But you can rise above, rise above it all
    Don’t listen to the lies that try to make you feel so small
    Cause you’re a hurricane, and you’re riding through the storm
    Riding through the storm

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