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Do It All For You

Apr 02 2014 | BPM: 128.00 | Producer: Adamack
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6 Feedback

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Catchy pop R&B crossover beat with acoustic guitar, piano, strings, and uptempo drums.

Moods: Happy, Relaxed
Genres: Pop, R&B

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6 Feedback to “Do It All For You”

  1. This is a straight rip of Hinder - Lips Of An Angel ….. Adamack, that’s wrong. That’s pure copyright.

    @whattimeisit, 1. I have not heard that song in about 4 years. 2. I didn’t even know it started off with an acoustic guitar passage. 3, and most importantly, this is an incredibly common chord progression found in thousands of songs. You could take any pop beat with a 4-chord progression and find another song somehwhere with the same progression.

    @Adamack, If that’s what you think, then by all means, please feel free. But to me and I’d bet many others, it’s a rip. In fact, it sounds like you slapped the midi into FL Studio or whatever DAW you use and made a beat that doesn’t even seem like it matches. In fact, it’s the exact same tempo used in Hinder - Lips of an Angel. That’s a fairly slippery slope to stand on the thought of, “incredibly common chord progression”.

    Hinder uses: A Am G D

    You used: A Am G D


    @whattimeisit, and fuck you.

    @whattimeisit, I just listened to the Hinder song, and Adamack’s beat, and Adamack is correct. The chord progression is not the same. The chords Adamack gave for both songs are dead on.

    @whattimeisit, Wow lmao! Just listened to the Hinder progression, and it is:

    A Major, B Minor, G Major, D Major

    My beat is:

    D Major, A Major, B Minor (With F# as Root), G Major

    Please at least know what you’re talking about if you are going to make an argument.

    This progression was not ripped, or even INSPIRED from Hinder. I don’t listen to that kind of music. End of discussion.

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