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Death Trap

Apr 02 2010 | BPM: 91 | Producer: 2Deep
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12 Feedback

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Eerie and dark violin beat to create lots of tension, with steady and grimey drums.

Moods: Dark, Epic, Frantic
Genres: Underground

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12 Feedback to “Death Trap”

  1. it reminds me for some reasons to shakugan no shana bso xDD
    nice job man and greetings from spain!

  2. you have to let me use this.
    can I?

  3. my mean is all of SHADOWVILLE beat Makers . not sinima . not 2Deep … all of them

  4. i think [reggae] is good 4 [dance] !

    do you know about 6&8 musics ? it’s just for dance ! (like as reggae) .

    ok ! thats it ! You are 1 in world .

  5. amir8pa sinimas made sum reggae but just in general reggae is tottally diff and usualy is more real instruments and not electronic ish like these beats

  6. but ! why he don’t make reggae beat ?
    Why SHADOWVILLE’s beat maker dont make raggae beats ?

    is reggae genre bad ? so why they make other beat ?

  7. Wow, very nice. I wish this one was in the genre style I need. This one really speaks to me. I wonder how cool it would be to have strings like this in a more upbeat pop mainstream style. just thinking. Anyway gave it a 5/5 because there are no bad beats that 2 deep can produce, it just isn’t in him. He will always have that magic!

  8. Oh damn! I was feelin’ the intro on this beat and then the drums come in like BAM!! This shit is a BANGER!!!

    @amir8pa: SVP used to have a raggae producer.. He did one beat then disappeared..

  9. beat has me busting one

  10. why beatmakers don’t make reggae beats ?

  11. EVIL

  12. Nice and evil.

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