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You're Alone

Apr 10 2010 | BPM: 80 | Producer: hala-X
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101 Feedback

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Beautiful yet eerie piano and a light splash of violins flipped with big drums plus a sad chorus.

Moods: Dark, Sad

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101 Feedback to “You're Alone”

  1. Ma ktoś ten instrumental?
    Jak tak to wyślijcie na e-maila .

    Has anyone this instrumental ?
    How so, send an e-mail .
    Thank you

  2. i really like but its UNAVAILABLE and i cant downloadit fvck ..!!


  4. y kant i download disss beat fuxxx i got a sixx trakk for it wtf

  5. So..what happened to this beat?

  6. Yo iLove Thiss Beat & Wish iCould Download it maan . i Wanna Rip this beat .




    @raci racs, Nice fam

  8. I murdered this beat back in the day and still love it as one of my favorite songs. check it out here. It’s called “you’re alone” also. tell me what you think if you get a chance. I bought the 40 dollar license but still never made any money off of it yet cuz’ i haven’t done anything with it. hope you make more beats like this one soon tho. one of yer best.


  9. yo hala whats good? im an upcoming artist and im thinking about buying the exclusive rights to this beat. i need to know where did the sample come from and who would be responsible for paying for it

    @raci racs, “never goes” by dear reader

    @jango, good looking. do u know who would be responsible for paying them for the paying the sample?

  10. ej


  11. beats il my dude!!! Keep droppin that heat… This too sick-the drums make this ish SO DOPE!!! Outta nowhere heavy hard raw nasty grimmey type drums on sad and dark music n the hook!!!!!? I aint even gotta say NOTHING…. IL!!!!!


  12. absolutely love samples like that. this beat is nice i can’t say anything negative. The drums threw me off and i expected the beat to go a different direction. over all good shit. i would really like to kno the name of that sample.


  13. Love the sample Halax…one of your best beats to date nicely formed.
    Check out my version titled “Alone” @


    @fokal, bro i listened to your version of this song and you fuckin suck! you cant rhyme for shit. your voice sounds like zombie on special k and your lyrics are pathetic. a little kid could do better than that. if you plan on getting signed you must be joking. but thank you for putting that song out there for us to listen to because it gave me a good laugh. i still give you props for having a go though. peace

    @bizzybboy, don’t hate just cuz u pissed off cuz ur ma took her tit away dude. Has soome respect, not everybody like the same thing,not everybody sound the same way, that’s why music is music, there something for everyone. Ur ears musta been stuck tho, this shit is sic.

    @d3m0n1c, bro are you serious ? that shit is so far from sic its not funny! i could really picture that being an underground hit…NOT!!!

  14. yo Hala, what up bro…I’m planning on doin a mixtape with just your beats, so you definitely gonna be gettin some money comin your way…I have a question about this beat tho…what’s the sample from? lemme know bro…love the beats bro!!!


  15. Good idea!!!


  16. Bence Bok Gibi


  17. i used it, im going to buy it once i get some money, ahaha, and i jsut wanted to say this beat is dope, and i hope i did okay with it, cause im only 13


  18. I already have one verse for this masterpiece, Mr. X you my favorite.



  20. Hala-X is a instrumental God

  21. Great beat!!!!!!!!!
    this site needs to fire Strifedivine and Shadow as moderators though,they both are spazzy kids,making Shadowville look bad


  23. Great beat!!!!!!!!!
    this site needs to fire Strifedivine and Shadow as moderators though,they both are spazzy kids,making Shadowville look bad


  24. I havent been on shadowville in awhile because ive been on soundclick, but the sample gives you so many options as to what concept to use. This is one of my favorite by hala-x i cant wait for some more of this.


  25. man… i suppose you’re a pro dj cuz all of yo’ beats R sick!!

    so, you can be proud, cuz this beat is reachin even spain. I’m spanish, and all of my friends download beats from shadowville just cuz u R here… XD keep it G!!


  26. @dokholmes420

    This is some good ol’ constructive crtiticism my man.


  27. your are a god to instrumentals my good man


  28. this beat is ILL!!!!!!!! some deep beat with a nicee sample… keep it up!!!!!!


  29. This is a crazy sample but the drums seem very forward and really sequenced… would be insane if you could get a real drummer to play to this.


  30. thats a good one


  31. Anyone wit anything negative to say about this beat doesnt know wat hiphop is. Infuckingcredible Hala. 6/5


  32. I liked da sample..I just dont like da way it was on da beat.
    I believe ADAMACK would kill it on this sample.


  33. sick beat can anyone please tell me what the original sample is called. would appreciate it alot thanks.



  34. LOL@Ninjor.. You complaining about 2Deep’s beats yet you like the Unbeatables.. You do know that crew is 2Deep and Allrounda right??

    Rofl.. Anyways, this beat is so ILL! You allways bring fresh shit Hala and I allways enjoy listening to what you bring to the table.. Your a great producer and you have an amazing ear for samples.. Much respect to you!

    @Strife Divine,

  35. It’s not really slackin, after a while you just cant make the same shit over and over, you need to switch up to stay in shape, of course we still have it, still can bring that hard ass shit but like i said, diversity is letting you evolve… dont worry, I have some old hala shit coming soon.

    @hala-X, thanks for making a great beat bro

  36. stongly agree wit ninjo sinimas way ahead of da pack these otha foos r hibernating, hamburgers dope 2 bringin dat fire everytime


  37. i’m sorry i know this isn’t a forum chat but i do have to recomment because i dont want anyone to get me wrong i’m not comin down on hala, i think every artist who is lucky enough to get his beats up with any of these guys have major talent because Svp is so unique in itself. but i remember when every beat hala made was fucking filthy to the max! i’m just sayin i haven’t been impressed with many of the beats as of 2010. i like how they are mixing it up lately but its just seems like an exclusive soundclick club now. and the people who were the roots of svp are slackin! yeah i said it slackin! i’m callin everyone one out SLANT,ADP,HALA, now minus sinima to me those three are the foundation of this sight and if they’re not pumpin out beats why the fuck not just go to soundclick to hear anyone of these other artists!?!?

  38. at 00:11 sec where she says “go oh ohh” sounds really familar in a song i think i heard before. can anyone help me out?


  39. such a sick beat!!! totally knocked the competition outta the water on this one dude! I can’t wait to spit to this beat


  40. ninjor —

    hala-x always surprises me. always got a new flow in the beat, always pointing somewhere…
    yeah I agree. sinima is at the top, forgot to mention him in the post.

    but those 3, hala-x, slantize & sinima is the best.
    i like 2deep’s beats, but i think its often the same, sometimes he create fire !

  41. semi-cosign ninjor. i disagree with hala’s shit sucks cuz i think his last two beats have been on point, but youre right on sinima been selling like fucking crazy. lol, aint no producer on shadowville even close to fucking with sinima right now. unbeatables are a not-so-distant-but-still-kind-of-far second and slant is just MIA


  42. haha who needs to step up their game up? cuz i’m pretty sure most all of sinima’s beats get bought up pretty quick i know everyone loves hala x and i use to be one of you but lately i think his shit sux… bad! 2deep is dope i wish his drums would change up sometimes but honestly the unbeatables have been the only artists on shadowville i have really been diggin lately i know slant will forever be the greatest but it seems like shadowville is in a weird place compared to how it use to be! shit i cant wait to hear some new adamack! haha or smoke where ever the fuck he went and died!


  43. daaammmnnnn….my favorite producer on here


  44. amazing beat homie……..keep makin that fire

    @lil pup,

  45. very very ill

    @tim treezy,

  46. HAHA!! This shit blows Shadowville.

    Hala-X’n'Slantize the only ones who drops fire on the City Of Shadowville!

    This beat is something Shadowville never had in a long long long time.
    Jiqsaw 7 ->

    Agree, if the other beatmakers of Shadowville still wanna be heard, they need to step it up.
    this beat is crazy !! 5-5


  47. Kanka güzel pluginler uymuş baştaki sample da olmuş Ama Drumkitler bok gibi içine sıçmışın beatin ilk 30 snyeyi dinledim Devamını bilmiyom walla başarıların dewam etmesin artk yani bırak şu maker lığı ma l mal beatler yapıyosun


  48. I’m in love with this beat! effin ILL!!


  49. Hala’s been shutting this site DOWN lately. You other producers need to step your game up..


  50. Please keep the fire up coming Hala-X. Your last 2 beats are making every other shadowville producer look bad. Keep the heat coming Hala, don’t slack off!!!!! Right Now you are number 1 on svp.

    @illest wun,

  51. holy shit!!!! 5/5


  52. so dope…so dope…this is why i go to shadowville

    @lil al,

  53. Makes me envious, by the way.


  54. This is the nastiest sample I’ve heard in a long ass time.

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