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Jun 28 2019 | BPM: 134.00 | Producer: Ear 2 Tha Beat
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Silly melody patterns, dope pianos, various vocal adds combined with modern drums and a deep 808 bass.

Moods: Epic, Happy, Relaxed

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4 Feedback to “Fortnite”

  1. Call a girl All for fun an all for one to ball ring a bell bring a doll

  2. I Show Shivelry for Liberty as she is
    Cap- a-trill to the Trap of Freedom
    watch re runs When you see them stars shine
    A lap of success to the top it took the skyline
    Watch your step, I taught her to prep hightime
    Laugh as I have to hustle across the map
    my time to blind crime
    I Rhyme for all the dimes I can find
    When I Rap to you I make mind you have to
    help me find more panty lines
    every last ass of class is Welcome to my doorstep
    A Hall pass to a fortress of foreplay

  3. Pass the Class of ass i wore a hall pass… Students call her a pet… Amusement More of a doll that ass to war I swore… You can read my report, pigs get the deport… a cork to pop. Polish law
    Porno ornament I’m adooring your Assortment

  4. Open up the Doors to stores… I’m dope enough to make the rich go poor

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