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Don't Ask About My Music

Apr 24 2010 | BPM: 90 | Producer: hala-X
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31 Feedback

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Chopped up trumpets with heavy kicks and snares with plenty of upbeat change ups.

Moods: Angry, Frantic
Genres: Club, Dirty South

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31 Feedback to “Don't Ask About My Music”

  1. please make it to a free beat

  2. Hala-x, I leased this track several months ago. I would like to record it right away but I need to know how much the exclusive rights are for this track. Hit me up

    @wbohann1, already bought the exclusive man, sorry

  3. man i started spittin to this shit and i wuz lyke damn yo diz beat is vicious like shit. hala-x keep doin ya thing!!!

  4. hey hala-x how much do u want for exclusive rights email me to Don’t Ask About My Music

  5. i had to log in today because i haven’t been on in a grip and the last couple times i have been around shadowville i said i was not impressed with hala x, i revoke my statements this beat is fire! Hala homie this shit is why i started comin to shadowville for well produced beats,


  6. yo this shit hard

  7. ima sum hella tight shit outa dis

  8. hell yeah im gonna get straight crunk to this shit its sooo fucking hard!!!

  9. CMOTIV | Apr 26, 2010
    hala x=best producer on this website ive said it from the day i got here his beats is the reason i signed up at svp

    word hala-x is the shit the reason i signed up too, tight ass beat

  10. Super dope cuz, what i like about your beats is they always got that true hip hop feel to them 10 gold stars from me folk ima kill this

  11. TTTTTiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn dawg this shit had me jumpin!! Bass line is SICK!

  12. how are you hala-x ,i’d like to hear more good works from you - so im waiting - i like the song lovegame from ladygaga -if you can make a beat like that its gone be good- it will great -i trust you ,you can make better that that -i want ask you how much do you have information about kurdish music? its rich music you can use nice melodies near it

  13. no doubt hala keep this fire up bro!


  15. Thanks, Im glad to hear that.

  16. hala x=best producer on this website ive said it from the day i got here his beats is the reason i signed up at svp

  17. Hala-x is da man .. respect


    Come thru an tell me wassup.

  19. Yeah thats the sample.

  20. yea dis go hard

  21. hey ma nigga this track go super hard ima fux wit it and make it a mixtpe classic

  22. Clipse-Virginia. Lord Willin’ album. Am i correct here????

  23. now im pretty sure your part of the unbeatables….clipse samples? anyway tight man!

  24. 100 out of 10 shyt goes hard man

  25. Man this is my favorite beat from you man. I don’t usually post a whole lot, but this is fire. I’m really loving the Clipse vocal sample you put in here. The bass is hard as hell too. Very Swiss Beatz esque too. Awesome job 5/5

  26. sick ass beat hala X. and whoever is talking shit about Strive Divine gonna get a bullet in the head.

  27. This Shit is fucking retarded!!! you killing em wit this 1

  28. Damn Hala First Was That Lady Gaga Sample Now This You Been Putting In HARD Word Homie

  29. Hala-x your fuckin nutty dude ima fox with this track

  30. DAMNNN

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