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Dec 04 2020 | BPM: 78.00 | Producer: 2Deep
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Grimey piano melody over Underground Hip Hop style drums.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Sad

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One Feedback to “Henchman”

  1. Messages to the son. Picture perfect View lessons I have won When my c.d. begun 3d 2 the world of one bar one outta none outcome of no defeat. Musical chairs where’s my seat. I’m the reaper of the streets, I’m the keeper of the peace. Practice what I preach. Exes get ohhs for cheap iI blow kisses as I’m teachin algebra to the streets. Street credit I got good speach. Trophy stats I pass the test with flying colors. High class doesnt mean I trust your ass. Crime
    is on my mind if you ask. Time flies fast while writing rhymes I rap to get passed chicken scratch I get attached to my words. pictures of a puzzle that make a match to hatch golden eggs. Winning tickets to kick a rap. A picture perfect path. I drew you a view of how I do math. Sneak wit a peak they count sheep. Z’s for cheap I put them to sleep

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