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Spent Too Much (With Hook)

Apr 28 2010 | BPM: 78 | Producer: Slantize
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37 Feedback

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Sad, deep piano and violin melody with smooth drums. Hook by Slantize.

Moods: Sad
Genres: Pop, R&B

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37 Feedback to “Spent Too Much (With Hook)”

  1. Could you send me version without hook?

  2. Slant in the end of the song u sing this part can you plz correct the lyrics ?!!

    You told me that you love me girl,
    I’m pretty sure that I felt the same//
    we made love and it was sweet like you,
    But in the end you … pain//

    @jadovksey, in the end you dealt me pain

  3. I like the hook

  4. this beat is got but this ain’t yo style

  5. damn slantize. diz beat is da shit.been looking 4 someting like diz n finally i found it love da hook .man… just keep on doin wat u do.

  6. monster track. would sound good with some harsh vocals over it… hollywood undead style.. i think i might give it a try ;). good singing too. very nice.

  7. I have sent 6th email now still I didnt get the track seperation nobody even bother to reply….

  8. I did not get the track seperation for my order…. I have sent 4 emal now… please take some action asap….

  9. Remember when we was in my bed, and you told me that you’d die for me //
    You said you wanna come and be my wife, but I wonder if you lied to me //
    Cuz when we broke up, you never told me, you found another guy with you //
    And yeah it hurt me, it wasn’t worth it, to spend all my time with you //


  11. what are the lyrics
    great beat though

  12. I lyk this beat man
    but lyrics plz :D :D :D

  13. had to drop a song to this…

    good job man

  14. Since i see you done the hook on this and made the beat..Slant seriously u drop some verses for this it would be perfect..

  15. Dont tell me Slant is a sucker for love LOL…. Dope beat and hook.

  16. yeahhh… Amazing Hook, I play the beat whole time on repetition, Slantize respect!

    props from KremO in Germany!!!

  17. Dude Talking About Smoke Just Think If Marka Did A Hook On His Beats I Would Most Likely Lease It lol

  18. slant…anyway to get the track without the hook?

  19. nice work ……nice nice nice

  20. anybody knows where’s smoke? im waiting for his work -

  21. Nice This Is What I Was Waiting For Something From Slantize, Been A Long Eh….
    I Like The Beat Sounds Great First One With Hook….Keep It Up!!!

  22. oh true LOL i didnt even read the description lmao

  23. yo i really like this beat this some throwed shit!! 100/100
    slant u the best

  24. damn.

  25. nice beat dude keep up tha work

  26. yea its him i heard some of his shit before, nice beat with hook bro bought damn time you drop lol

  27. I think it IS slantize. It definitely sounds like him — at least this what it says in the description. If so, great job!

  28. sick job bro—-the dude singing the hook sounds like you though haha

  29. Fuckin Slantize… You are A Monster Dawg!

  30. Its beeen a long time slantize since ur last drop but damn u smashed it with this 1!… and the hoook is touchy too!…

  31. yeah man! go SlantZĀ“
    love the hook, the beat was great!
    the most i like on this is the hook..

    great job!

  32. Love the beat; hate the hook.

  33. incredibble ! Great Job! please send me your contact to
    Its important for me to get in touch with you… Hola back pls!

  34. I meant GOOD FUCKIN JOB! hahahaha

  35. Yo I dont do these reviews…. but HAD to jump on this one. FUCKIN JOB! the only (Wit Hook) Beat on this site ive really liked so far. 10/10 it dont get better than this

  36. i really like this, this is something i can write to thats more serious, good job bruh

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