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ON SALE: $200 | BPM: 93 | Producer: 2Deep
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17 Feedback

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Guitar chops and deep bass over a grimey drums.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Frantic

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17 Feedback to “Hellbound”

  1. my song on this beat

  2. all u guys talkin bout 2deeps fuckin drums bein the same are fucking faggots becuz his name is 2 deep dont u get that shit u retard? his background drums are supposed to be dark n gloomy its reality that u guys cant hear a real beat and understand a true music makers style… so wat u think 2deep has to act like the rest of the producers on this website? haha then u better learn a thing or 2 about some shit b4 u go runnin ur mouth 2 deep can fuckin run circles around ur ass wen it comes to makin a beat and 2 deep is always fuckin hard foo so stfu and know ur shit great beat bro holla

  3. illacist u fukin homo u must b related 2 dokholmes, obviously im not da only one who thnks 2deeps drums alwayz sound da same u dumb bitch. wut da fuk do u know bout musik stop listening 2 his beats 4rm ur computers stock speakers n cop a a pair of monitors if u can afford sum so u can hear wut da fuk im talkin bout, like i said b4 i like most of 2deeps shyt but its juss dat most of his shyt sounds da same n his mix needs wrk

  4. at last i could see a work that im waiting from you ,continue working on beats like this and make different works

  5. woooooooooooooooow,really nice guitar melody ,you did very success work

  6. i am workin on some shit right now.. lovin this shit…got some tight shit ready to be laid out

  7. hook is extra catchy, it is a bit repetitive though

  8. Good shit 2deep.. I can see JMT wreckin’ this shit

  9. I like it I just wish it wasn’t so repetive. Chop it up a little more and maybe I’ll drop a few dollars on it. Keep killin’ em.

  10. it was bothering the shit outa me but i found out what song i heard this sample used in. off potlucks staight outta humboldt album “Welcome to Humbolt” i have to say i like their beat more, but yours is still top quality and managed to be a completely different song….its why i love sampled music lol so much versitality (sp?)

  11. 2DEEP … NEVER … CEASES …. TO AMAZE!!!!!, this is so grimey man fuck i love this beat shit i love all the beats you put down haha

  12. this beat is GREAT ! Era.P used it in track “PZF” , i’m shocked i found it on ShadowVille in month later..

  13. i aint even gonna say anymore beat speaks for itself!..

  14. Styx - Boat On The River (music) .. good beat :)

  15. Haha, thanks bro! :)

  16. never thought anyone could take a sample from “styx - boat on the river” and turn it into this sicc ass gangsta shit :D i’m diggin this man… damn ur good…

  17. ehhhhh the drums all sound the same

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