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A Warmer Breeze

May 16 2010 | BPM: 79 | Producer: Slantize
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79 Feedback

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Soft and sad pianos with strings on the chorus and a splash of bells, deep guitars, opera choir, and light brass.

Moods: Inspiring, Sad
Genres: East Coast

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79 Feedback to “A Warmer Breeze”

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  5. Hello everyone this is my song visit on youtube >>>>>>

  6. dude you are the best beat maker on shadow ville never stop what you do

  7. wow nice

  8. slantize, could u help fix my “Tracked Session Upload Time” mine is loco lol

  9. diffently nice to honesly i can use this beat for my album deep n perfect

  10. rap in spanish

  11. How to send u a mail?
    I have some questions for you regarding the purchase of some of yours beats..!!
    Please contakt me on

  12. I love it

  13. sounds amazing man your epic!

  14. This beat is hot it can drive anybody crazy’good job

  15. this is the best thing i ever heard


  17. cool

  18. cool stuff man

  19. Love this beat man, it has a good emotional vibe.…. that’s my crack at lacin it

    @dannyboy2324, just checked it out man, it’s dope! Great job on this. Has a lot of emotion and sense of struggle.. Peace..


  21. E.P.I.C

  22. @racerx222 youll get better partna keep doin it…

  23. @racerx222 well, you started out aight and then you started getting a little repetitive and you started to fall off somewhere around verse 2. The song was okay, but I think you should be a little less generic. But hell, I just started myself, and I’m tryna find my own thing. At least you had the balls to ask for feedback. Props for that I guess….

  24. racerx222 the autotune is corny as fuck, and your raps aint special as well man sorry for the feedback but you posted up for people to hear

  25. Aye Check Mine Pleasee :)

  26. so vast

  27. i lyk this beat

  28. perfect beat! slantize is the best, no doubt!

  29. kayıt almayı öğrenin önce alın size kayıt

  30. I managed to work the beats man

  31. heyy man perfect beats!

  32. awesome beat….keep up the good work..RESPECT!!

  33. you are a big.
    nice music.
    i love your beats.

  34. Ты реально молодец)) Шикарно)),

  35. you beats are amazing bro I’ve promoting you letting peps know about your instrumental….keep up the good work



  37. cool beats,i think slantize is the best of beatmakers!

  38. brawo mutish bir klip (clap)

  39. ..harika bi beat yaaa..helal olsun..very good slantize ur number 1.. =)

  40. ;

  41. very nice :D i like that! :D

    At the ” YÜZLEŞME ” Listen to the song named.
    Yours sincerely, “BA2″

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  44. fenalar

  45. WTF very good

  46. Yehhh Mann
    Likee Beatt
    Can this beat with my sent via email

  47. yeah man

    jajajaja chido kon tus beats

    de rato bro!!

    @panel mc,

  48. my song using this track

  49. hay quá

  50. Yo! Check out my song on this beat. Please rating!!

    pnu ka nka gwa ng kanta sa youtube hUH

  51. Yo! Check out my song on this beat. Please rating!!

  52. Fire homie, straight fire!!! Slantize good one!!

  53. This beat is really throwed!!! hey check out the song i did for this beat

    plz tell me how i did

  54. fucker fuck you

  55. Fuck Slantize.
    I murdered this fuckin beat.

    @dok holmes always, You a hoe fool. Show respect to your damn producer. That’s one half of every kickass rapper ever
    1. Eminem + Dre
    2. Nickel Nine + DJ Premier
    So unless you’re Kanye or something, shhhhhhhhh.

    @dok holmes always, Fuck you - slantize is the best beatmaker on shadowville, no doubt bout it

  56. This shit is beautiful! Classic Slatize! 5/5

  57. isit just me or is anyone else having trouble with this instrumental? ive downloaded it twice and its happened both times. the beat seems to fuck up at 3:09, goes loud then starts to jump and completely fucks up. safe

  58. Slantize is back !!!

  59. much better than the first. however doesnt seem quite complete. nice beat though, the drum pattern is heavy.. couldda been more inspiring though. nice work bruv

  60. Yo Slantize, this beat has a soul!

  61. love those gutairs on the bridge/3rd verse its nice man 10/10 all a round

  62. Slantize u just make me stop writing to other beats and think of shit 2 write for ur new ones lol..always hold me bak man but damn..dis is smooooooth n sick

  63. nice.real smooth.good job Slant

  64. Slantize you fuck!
    every time you add a new beat, I need to do something with it.
    This is class!

    5/5 no doubt.

  65. The First Part (A Warm Breeze) Was Good And The Second (A Warmer Breeze) Is Better :D

  66. Ooooooh lalala very very Nice i like it, big dedicass from morocco man

    Good job.

  67. AMAZING! this is excactly wat im lookin for! tahnks soo much!!!
    haha and iu agree this is ganna me leesed sooo fast!

  68. this gonna be leased fast

  69. Very well composed.. You never disappoint with how you craft a melody.. You can definatly tell you put your heart into your creations.. I love the drum pattern and the piano adds to it beautifully.. Great work man! 10/10

  70. Yea, Slant this 1’s alot warmer. lol……U kno wat i mean by that. haha.

  71. I love your beats slant, this is another amazing one for me to make a love song with :D


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