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Letter To The Past

Jul 04 2010 | BPM: 94 | Producer: Slantize
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26 Feedback

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Dark pianos, sad violins, and haunting harpischords over a unique drum pattern.

Moods: Dark, Sad

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26 Feedback to “Letter To The Past”

    The song i did to this, enjoy!

  2. your beats are unique brah keep’em coming

  3. I really like your’e beat! And i want to use it, against permition of course, to tell my story. Hit me up on my e-mail -

  4. man this beat go hard

  5. Many shadowville producers use way to many instruments, and it all sounds… well.. weird.. These kind of beats though, are the ones that are worth the time you spent searching.

  6. i like ur beat a lot brO (K)

  7. Reminds me of Flowers From The Dead by Cuban Linx. Nice beat, man.

    @m6gt2k7, I don’t hear that

  8. where is a beat in start have a lil rain and have a hook of a lady i dont know where to find it can anybody help mee?

  9. amazing

  10. The name is the most inspiring part.

  11. Where is the chours ??? i cant find it lol

  12. support

  13. Tha King is Back

  14. Damn, now this is the Slant I’ve been missing.. This beat is very beautiful.. I hope you don’t keep taking 6 months to drop a new beat.. although the wait is well worth it.. This beat is a banger! 10/10

  15. This is back to the old shadowville.. i really wish hala comes back.. he’s too sick.. every beat is magic

  16. is it just me or does the drum pattern keep sounding like an intro and that it’s going to lead into something but it never does and that’s just the actual beat, its still an okay beat though, 3/5


  17. VERY good

  18. Dude your my favourite beatmaker on this site, you gotta get some award shit for this bro, your a fucking legend!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. EPIC <–

  20. Slantize 5 stars!

  21. Welcome back Slant! Great beat after that long break. ^^

  22. very smooth.

  23. back on that 06′ shadowville shit! hell yea its bout time sum1 took it back!

  24. DAMN where you been? I got this beat.

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