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I'm Fresh, I'm Fly

ON SALE: $199 | BPM: 80 | Producer: hala-X
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62 Feedback

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Hard drum beat with various orchestral instruments and dark synths.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Silly

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62 Feedback to “I'm Fresh, I'm Fly”

  1. Hi, I am Yaros, an MC from Valladolid, Spain
    here’s a track i recorded to this sick instrumental!

  2. Check Out My Video to this song

  3. “I’m Fresh”

  4. no homo but i love hala x. i wonder why he hasnt made it big

    @xpac, I also wonder why lol

  5. One of my fav’ from you…

  6. sum tyt ish

  7. I can hear lil wayne on this one

  8. What up hala x, can you get at me at I want to talk to you about buying this beat. We want to do major things with this beat and talk percentages with you

  9. very cool

  10. NICE

  11. Now thats some gumbo for that azz.

  12. Yeah!

  13. mo fucking sickbeat!

  14. I recorded a track to this and the levels are so high it made my vocals flat. check out what else i’ve done.

  15. a man if i make a song to your beat and if it gets me famouse i will give you 15-25% of my profit, the beat will be in your name still i just wanna make a rap wit it cuz its hard as fuck, and like i said, you would get a good percent of profit if it makes me big peice out,
    J flow hit me up if you want (house) 740-226-1535 or (my cell) 740-648-9451 it would be better if you hit me up on my house phone cuz im out of money on my phone

  16. Good thing THMG has the greatest track ever to this beat.

  17. i would purchase this beat but this website sucks it takes your money hala-x if i can get a hold of u personally i would purchase..

  18. @hala-x Great composition, not my cup of tea but its a good beat, i need a soulful party track from you… kinda like waiting for the dj by talib kweli

  19. tnx and i want some for my rapp

  20. So damn HOT dude

  21. love this shit..Hala mua’fuckin X!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. its vere gooooood

  23. Im going to use this beat man just to let you know check out my youtube

  24. I am from Turkey to make friends with me feat Does anybody want?

    @karman35, i wanna!!

  25. gudd ass hell

  26. good shit bruhh!

  27. u sampled Loyd Banks-Beamer,Benz or Bentley ..i like it keep it up..

  28. i like dis

  29. Nice Ass beat G!

  30. Love the drum change up.

  31. This beats are so cracking, what software are using, if any, guys and I also need to create some but I dont have enough infor on what to do to become the good beat maker

  32. i hate it . very bad style .

    Just Reggaeton and 6*8 … .

    @amir8pa, u are a retard my friend:)

    @mogaka2, you also shouldnt mock someone for their personal opinion.

  33. hala-x just did drop underground chopped up beat. Let him explore some other areas too.

    @hala-X, Did he do that in 3rd person too?

    @nappy, AGAPE mos def agrees w/hala-X n this beat is too clean. Fresh is fresh and that’s what this beat is, no matter wut drum sounds/patterns sum may not be feelin—ish is still iL… Keep doin wachu do hala n let nobody limit your creativity bruh!!!


  35. Hala-x needs to get off this mainstream tip and start dropping some fire underground chopped up beats.

    Still waiting on the perfect hala-x come-back beat

  36. no lie to me this is the best beat on shadowville good job

  37. love it

  38. different work,hooooot

  39. I’m diggin it. Was never a huge fan of Hala’s beats, but now hes got me with this one. With only 80BPM, its structure is well put.

  40. I’m fresh o’m fly i’m so damn high dis cool bro!

  41. @illacist1, i definately agree with you. hala always has a different sound in all of his beats which is always great to hear. 5/5!

  42. and fuck u shaheem JK

  43. nice sh!t lovin this good work hala

  44. all the time i have been avoiding ur beats but this 1 says blazing hot written over it.lets see u repeat hala. 5/5

  45. dont like it at all, 1/5

  46. Love it!!!!!

  47. Fuck yeah sounds great, I didn’t use to listen a lot from Hala-X but u just excited my ears.

  48. Hala-x Uses FL STUDIO :) thats the most amazing part
    the kinda stuff he pulls off from it is Crazy :)
    But i feel ive seen better Instrumentals from Hala :)…. Upping more of his stuff :) He said he was off phaze but he’s slowly coming back

    Hope to see more doper stuff

    @smokey mwa, FL Is industry standard

  49. Oh Wow

  50. the most unique producer on shadowville

  51. this is definitely fucking rediculosly insanely amazingly amazing man

  52. Thats Whats Up! Hala U a BEAST a BEAST I tell you, nice sample from Beamer Benz or Bentley 5/5


  54. ur fucking awsome

  55. Hala-X keep makin silly style beats you are the king of them 5 boxes outa 5 boxes

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