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Book of Revelations

Aug 22 2010 | BPM: 91 | Producer: 2Deep
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78 Feedback

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Sad violins and epic choirs with light pianos over hard drums.

Moods: Angry, Epic, Sad

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78 Feedback to “Book of Revelations”

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  20. REally good


  22. Love this beat.




  25. nyc job

  26. this a nice beat, i like it.

  27. Peace,

    Hello 2Deep I have been listening to your production and was wondering if you could contact me at to talk business. Please advise.

  28. Double Very Good :) ßeat ! TURKEY

  29. hey this beat is sick can anyone send it to me at

  30. Good !


  32. Siiick!.. Keep it up broow :D

  33. omg very nice beat :D

  34. hey dude,your swags tite.kip it up
    9ja dey feel u ooo.

  35. Trust me its timeless, classic, everyday when i woke up i freestyle for this beat..big up..

  36. awesome beat! keep it up… we need more classic shit like this! look back at the marshall mathers lp and make them style beats(kinda wat this1 is like) we gotta bring the classics back!

  37. 5/5 i like u beats!

  38. Wicked!

  39. cool good job man

  40. Hi,good job dear 2Deep,what is you work?(softwear)Did u work with FL studio8?Is it well?

  41. thank u 2Deep

  42. this is the perfect beat for dakness!!!!and jokin’ around with ghosts**
    peace>>>>one way



    RESPECT! Bless.

  44. -<— Murdered This Beat

    @blackoxx, well since nobody else is acknowledging the fact that u killed this beat, then im going to lol damn dude u deff. murdered it. lyrics, flow, concept. everything about it was tight. not to mention the video definately was portrayed the way i woulda pictured it. keep up the good work.

    and 2Deep, i love ur beats. ur prolly one of my favorite producers on soundclick/shadowville. great beat. keep it up.

    @killaj008, THANKS BRO!! IT DONT STOPP!!

  45. Very good.!

  46. This beat is barely decent. Maybe im bothered by the fact that its the highest rated beat on shadow. I can name 5 better beats by 2deep alone. the lost world of Shadowville.

    -Kew C.R.E.

    @kew c.r.e., no

  47. heeeeeeeeeeeeeey its the vip gangsta for real .i say halla 2 my nigaas in the black real gees don,t look back and keep ur head up on the truck

  48. Ressspect ;]

  49. yo this beat is sick! I come 2 find it right after i wrote this piece yo it was perfect 2 what i wrote. I like yah creative work u do. u can find the song i did 2 the beat the song is titled “we cherish Life” when i get the money up, i’m gonna buy the liscence ,,,check it out! let me know what yah think! keep up the good work! me and u gonna be doing a lot of bussiness together in the future! yah Boi Opie1Canopie

  50. your beats are hell…i need some one like you to start my music biz…wh
    which program do you use?can i get it’s link

  51. Good shit!

  52. You Tube — Black-Oxx - The LAst Exorcism — Kilt This Beat — Good Shit

  53. 哦NO看不懂也

  54. I like this dawg

  55. very gud…. thks

  56. this goes hard partna!!


  57. I am gunna go hard on this beat…check out my chicano rap..LOC ENT>956/myspace

  58. In Poland we love your beats 2Deep. It’s the best on shadowville! Good job man!

  59. yo 2Deep i have ask for u

    i need beats for my single and i need beats the same like this;

    Can u doing this?

  60. So fucken ILLy! I love your work 2Deep!

  61. Thanks people!! :) 2Deep

    @2Deep, whit what for a programm do you make the beats?Greetings

    yea dat beat is bad ese

  62. That´s a fantastic Beat….again and again Beats like this one :-)

  63. graciasss homsss soy mexican

  64. Beautifull

    When HALA AND 2 DEEP come back… no one else comes back lol

  65. for sure man 2deep theres no better name for u XD ur beats got soo much emotion i love it they suit almost any style of rap and i think that makes u at the top of this site for sure well u and slantize i got major respect for his beats too. u two the best man for real…

    i give this beat a 4.5/5 (my opinion) cuz the flow is hard to catch on this one but im sure this is a 5/5 for most..

  66. looks like another 2deep beat ill be using :) , dope work bro

  67. cafirst thing alove no am inlove with 2deep beats cuz i feelit in my heart but man if read this i hope to do silly beats
    peace yo ….mad rhymes….

  68. This beat is off the shizzang!

  69. This Is A Nice Beat., It Is Da Best 1 On Dis Site
    Hit Me BAck Up To Chat

  70. OMG!!!! FIAAAAAA

  71. Just, damn….

  72. first one! :L downloading this one straight the way

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