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Darkest Hour

Aug 24 2010 | BPM: 87 | Producer: 2Deep
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45 Feedback

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Emotional solo violins blended with light pianos over gangsta sounding drums.

Moods: Dark, Inspiring, Sad

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45 Feedback to “Darkest Hour”

  1. Man this is fucking ghetto man …………. respect. :) ;)

  2. AWSOME! :D

  3. dude im new to this shadowville ive ben listening to everybody’s track and no disrespect put you only got tracks for latino rap that mr shadow and night towl bs!!!

  4. good shit. i love the combination of piano and violin. keep it up man

  5. kupal ang gumawa ng beat na 2

  6. Oh Im Gon wrekk The Shit Out THis Hoe…No Doubt…I love The Beat…REal Talk….

  7. cool)))

  8. one love perfecgt beat

  9. Da prosto krutak

  10. the Drums I think its to slowly

  11. Havn’t bin on shadow ville in a while and im glad to comeback and hear stuff like this. The out off patteren bass gives it momentum and almost an old school beat feel. 10/10

  12. yo ur shit is sooo sick…. all of it…. keep droppin nigga

  13. Deep, I’m glad you don’t listen to all this rant these people post up here… all this “you should do this and that” crap… You do what you do man… Your beats don’t need any rhymes on them, they’re complete in and by themselves! You’re the spirit of, mad props

  14. süperrrrr

  15. magic

  16. I just wrote my song on dis beat … NICEEEE

  17. i like this one!

  18. nice

  19. nice beats 2deep

  20. Can I rap to this beat?
    I write down everywhere beat by 2Deep.
    I rap German. And come from Germany.
    I wait of a Answer.

    @lezanbeatbox, yes can you gave me beat


  22. perfect..

  23. hey u should do some that would be like some bone thugs n harmony beats or sounds similar to them but with more stuff

  24. Mind relaxing one man :D Keep up :D

  25. hola soy el mc number one de españa me gustan tus trabajos … un saludo desde españa aqui tienes mi msn :

    @numberone, Jajajajajajajajajajajajajajaja, muy buena tio. This guy says os the best rapper of Spain (Lo traduzco para que se rian tambien, no hay que ser malo xD)

  26. Yeaa dawg thats whut im talkin about ! Real deep shit ! I feel it !

  27. good

  28. nic one kip up man ur gooooood

  29. e estas bases de aki se pueden usar en temas :S

  30. and may i add almost everytime u throw a piano note in ur songs they are so fuckin legit… idk how u pull it off but ur piano always has a great sound lol

    @ogenhagen, just listen to the godfather

  31. haha everytime… nobody makes dark beats like this guy…

  32. this beat nasty bro.. on some real shit… i gotta rip this… idk about all these otha rappers… but when the OG drop on this. imma make it a classic hit ya dig. keep makin these kinda beats and imma keep makin hits… you helpin me blow up… and when or if i do blow up.. imma need a DJ.
    OG Low A.K.A. The Skitzso Lyrical Bully

  33. Dope beat.Cryptic Wisdom made a hot track outta this

  34. 2deep..i dropped some Truth on this beat right hear…titled an Emcees Darkest Hour…
    lol..chek it out,,i had to shout u out too..peace

  35. hell yea man, “what would i do” fuckin beast of a track

  36. cryptic wisdom already killed this.

  37. I spotted this on Anno Domini awhile back and dropped some dope shit on the mic! Thanks again 2deep, for providing the hardest underground sound around.


  38. Real deep it makes you express your feelings!! I like it.

  39. itz aiight

  40. this is dope man keep up the good work
    for me you are the best beat maker
    and i hope from to do beats like dr.dre style man
    i hope from you to hit me back
    …mad rhymes…

  41. this beat is dope keep up the good work man i like your beats
    your best fan ….mad rhymes….

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