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Gods Of War

Sep 06 2010 | BPM: 90 | Producer: The Unbeatables
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22 Feedback

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Deep heavy electric guitars and epic choirs with steady east coast drums.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Epic

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22 Feedback to “Gods Of War”

  1. ohh my fuck


  3. wow

  4. Lovin the epicness here

  5. This is the beat im entering on contest check it on youtube Demons by Matt Butler gotta send it in to yall yet

  6. Thanks man you get the full credit on my mixtape :o

  7. sick beat mang…..i put some vocals to this the other day….. check it out …

  8. that’s what the beast need to make it good

  9. that sick

  10. it does sound like 2 deeps drums on this song but i dont think the unbeatables is 2deep bro…. either way thats how u make a great beat is wit that type of drum pattern neways i hear beats on the fuckin radio all the time that sound dead on like these guys beats on this website lol

    @ogenhagen, The Unbeatables are 2Deep & Allrounda

  11. yo 2deep u need 2 change up ur drums man all ur beats sound da fukin same, id rather listen 2 allrounda by himself,those fukin fill ins or tom rolls r pathetic, all ur shyt on annos page sounds exactly da same, stop rushing product take ur time n make sumthng decent

    @infantry, I definetely agree on this one…

  12. 123

  13. I wanna download this track before someone buys it but its not working

  14. this beat is sick but the download doesnt work.. whatup?

  15. i cant listen to this beat…it just dont play.. and download dont work either someone know whats wrong?

    @hamtamsam, ok it works now : )

  16. Yo unbeatables this beat is excellent. I have a perfect rap I wrote about hell that fits this perfect. As long as I say your website and your name the unbeatables in first thirty seconds can I put this on youtube. I will not be making any money off it, just want to get my rhymes out there and this beat fits my rhyme perfect. Email me at

  17. thats pretty illy… ma nilly….

    @ogenhagen, wow buy the beat then use it u suck if you can’t do that

    @Mark O Dub, i never said i was gonna buy it… wtf ur gay

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