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Gated In

Sep 15 2010 | BPM: 125 | Producer: Nine Diamond
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41 Feedback

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Heavy 808 track with ambient gated synths and bending leads.

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41 Feedback to “Gated In”

  1. this shit go hard…A+ my dude…keep lightn fires…we’ll get up….A.Dot

  2. hey whats up man i wen off on a couple of ur beats.. I made a song called Blackout to ur burning up beat, and She’s A Stripper to Gated In Check It out and tell me what u think.!/artist/song_details/6986563!/artist/song_details/7206674

  3. Love this beat, check out the song we made on it.


    @kidvisionary, hit me with a private msg

  5. This beat is SO nasty im writin a jam to it right now i thik you’ll dig hopefully u peep the track when its done @NineDiamond since some haters kinda ruined this thread haha,,, but if u wanna check the creds real quick hit up I’m an Orlando artist on the come-up ill post the jam when its done tigh work man…

    @cmoneytha1, send me a private msg if u need to get ahold of me!

    @Nine Diamond, yo nine u still on shadowville?.I’m about to putchase 5 of your tracks for my Album. I like your style and sound.I’m a producer/singer/rapper from South Africa.I would love to work with you in the very near future.

  6. im not a huge fan of ur style, but i find the melodies and harmonies of this one very catchy. sickest beat ive heard u do (not that ive been on here long). 4/5.

    also, review the beat or shut up. take this wack ass argument over whos a hater elsewhere

    This beat not better than “Sittin pretty”

    U shut up BEE-YOCH!!!!

    -Kew C.R.E.


  7. fukin keboard gangsters quit wastin your time hatin an get a life..
    klean ass beat though you got skills homie..

    blow me

  8. deze beat is echt goed gemaakt respect man dikke chilling beat om shit op te zetten aiiiii

  9. @ Been in this shit longer then yo bitch ass foo, i got a record label with universal latino records last year, been to mexico, spain, guatemala etc!!! If i was a wanna be rapper why did i get promoted and got ma ass on a fukn plain to central, south america and also to europe!!! I studied music since i was a fukn lil kid prob i know more than you bitch. You sounding like you know so much and that your one of the best rappers why dont you show us all including Nine Diamond what you really can do with a fukn beat?!?!?! or let me guess you just like to open yo fukn mouth and say shit but not do shit!?!?!

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    -Kew C.R.E.

    So ur a mexican beat maker, Nuff said, adios

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  10. @ nine. lmao hahaha yah you sure you make more money son? i doubt your faggotass makes real money with this wack production haha…and it aint hating bro its called feedback and criticism . obviously your getting offended cuz you dont know how to recieve real feedback from people who actually know , understand, analyze, and actually know how to produce music unlike half the faggots on here talking trash.
    @ mgk. who the fuck are you bitch? lmao your no one dude probably a fake ass wannabe rapper who dont even understand the most basic concepts of music production, seriously who are you haha? and im gonna be truthful! i didnt say all of nines beats suck! some are pretty dope! i aint hating like i said its feedback! . send me a link of your shit and then talk shit pussy

    @Equipped, My god, I keep askin u 4 a link but u wont give me 1. You claim 2 b this Guru but ur affraid 2 let us hear ur wack shit. Anybody who as nice as u claim 2 b would b screamin out the link every 2 seconds. All u do is talk shit. SHOW ME A LINK!!!!!! U said u understand and analyze music…………..WHO THE FUCK R U!!!!!!!! Real feedback?? U aitn said nothin that the average hater says, how does that make ur opinion any different?? SHOW ME THE LINK BITCH!!!! Ur frontin, U say u make beats and rap but ur affraid 2 represent urself. PUSSY. Go U da type a nigga I would shot and just take the charge. Pistol whip ur bitch ass till da cops pull me off u.

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  11. Look at all this faggs posting comments and saying shit, all you bitches are fukn hating!! Ok I might I agree that “SOME” read that correctly “SOME” of Nine Diamond’s beats sound kinda wack, but there’s some that don’t and are prety good. He might not of sold any like you say! But do any of you got proof what you are saying?? Ha!

    (Like Kew C.R.E said WHO THE FUCK IS “equipped”? and WHO THE FUCK IS ”infantry”?)
    Prob some fuckn faggs that never got ppl to like their gay ass music cuz it sound it like they had a fuk dick in there mouth!!!! Equipped is prob one of em!!!LMFAO

    @Nine Diamond: Keep on stacking em beats, let em haters hate!

  12. lol at infantry because its true nine diamond is the only producer who hasnt sold one beat.. and straight up if your gonna be a good producer learn to take criticism.. honestly speaking nine diamond is like the worst on SV! and i know many people who will agree. he does try to bite off of juliano and vybe alot! shouldnt be on SV cuz most his shits pretty wack to be honest. nothing wow about his mediocre sounding beats and i am truthfully speaking..95% of the listeners here on shadowville dont know shit about music production! and should learn and get some proper monitor speakers so yall can really hear the beats not cheap as stereo speakers or shitty headphones you dumbfucks wannabe rappers…half the people on here cant rap for shit except for a select few. learn about music production before you leave criticism faggot dick riders.

    @Equipped, AND WHO THE FUCK IS EQUIPpED?????? R u ranting about headphones?? lol. Other than Hala X, all these producers r sub-par. thats y they sell cheap beats….95%??? where do u get ur lame statistics?? Let me guess, Ur in the 5% that know suttin? Shut up u bum. Does anyone give a fuck about ur opinion?? Where’s ur beats?? Ur a HATER!!!!!!!!…..and a bum.

    -Kew C.R.E. (Who the fuck is Equipped??? someone tell me please)

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    -Kew C.R.E. (get @ me bitch)

    @kew c.r.e., u obviously care bout his opinion if u took da time 2 type up dat retarded poorly thought out response, u a bum, u a bum, is dat all u can say, quite frankly im amazed u can even talk wit ur fat moms cock in ur mouth, who da fuk r u??? doesnt even matter u a bum, u a bum

    @infantry, lol @ equipped and infantry do your research son, ive made more money sellin beats then both of you will probably make in 10 years, lames. keep hating, imma keep stackin

  13. Nine Diamond - Let the few haters hate. My mom always said that if you don’t have anything good to say about someone, then don’t say nothing at all. You don’t need to respond to anyones review to stand up for yourself. Your music speaks for you and you are very talented. Keep up the good work and stay focused at your gift. Peace be with you my friend.

  14. Very original and clean. I can tell you did a lot of work on the panning and compression. Very nice.

  15. im feelin this shit. dont really know what say other than im gonna get some pussy wit this beat. thats the 1st thing that comes 2 mind

    -Kew C.R.E.

  16. seriously

  17. can sumone please explain 2 me how dis foo made it in sv

    @infantry, by being recognized, something you’ll never know nothing about.

    @Nine Diamond, never know nothing about isnt that a double negative hahaha, oh ya juliano n vybe called they wnt theyre everythng back, its funny i thnk ur da only one whos never sold a beat on this site, its ok juss keep riding julianos nutz n maybe one day u will

    Again, Who the fuck is Infantry and who the fuck is Equipped?? Please give me a link 2 hear u rap, u seem 2 have so much 2 say. Im willin 2 bet ur shit sucks.

    @infantry, Come on dude. How we gonna solve world peace when we can’t even have peace within our own? Tink abowt eet mon….. Find your cool spirit within because you bring a negative vibe to SV. We cool?

    @Nine Diamond, AAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! Infantry who r YOOOUUUUU?????lol.

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    @kew c.r.e., ur daddy don

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