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Guns Drawn Out

Sep 25 2010 | BPM: 72 | Producer: Slantize
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31 Feedback

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Dark piano beat and church bells with heavy synths and 808 drums.

Moods: Angry, Dark

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31 Feedback to “Guns Drawn Out”

  1. used, i thought this beat was older like 3 years haha

  2. Damn Boy!!!!!!..I like,I like,I like….

  3. damn ,i luv da church bell to go with dat dark piano beat.. :)

  4. this is what i’d like to hear

  5. Im stuck in a whole and my life is flying out of control and i fell so cold cuz im losing bits of my soul. My scars are ripping at the seams i dnt care how much it bleeds, the pain misleads with images of demons in my dreams.~Skarred~

  6. Listen on my free beat

  7. Now i dont understand this shit , i mean like if i download this beat Can i use it. Holla At me !

  8. geniall Basee alguien conoce alguna similar a esta k me avisee k comente por aki k es la mejor basee jamas viata para mi joder.. k temazoo..

  9. Keepin it gutta, the game needs beats like these.

  10. Best beat you’ve made in awhile Slantize.

  11. hope u guys caught the before n after lol this is dope

    @Shadow, Yeah, i downloaded the Draft he put up first and thought that shit was fire.. Then heard the cleaned up version and was like whoa.. even more fire! haha.. sounds so much more crisp now..

  12. I enjoy your beats very much dude I think you make beats whit Dub Turbo If I wrong I high recommend Dub turbo You may visit it here I am sure that you like it.

    @sitnal, Slantize uses Fruity Loops..

  13. damn this reminds me of ur old shyt synths r fukin dope n im feelin that dark piano melody, u need 2 do more shyt like this juss dnt like ur weak ass clap n that church bell i feel u could have done bttr they sound really cheap, i dnt thnk da bells sound wack they juss sound like fl stock sounds but other then that sick shyt

    @infantry, oops just realized i uploaded the draft version

  14. dopeeee

  15. This shit is HARDCORE!

  16. dont listen to these retards aint shit wrong with it this shit is 10/5 i might drop some shit to this and post it on shadowville for ya hopefully you got a twitter

  17. this beat is sick slant real awesom 5/5

  18. I must be hearin what kew is hearin cuz from what i’m hearin you killed this.

  19. where r the beat critics now??? somebody said “fresh out the Kitchen” sounds cheap. BassKick, soft clap, bell, that pretty much it. The beat is hard, but I find it funny how everybody dick ride Slantz beatz cuz he run the show. Im always happy 2 hear hard beatz, and this a tough cut. I just dont hear what yal b hearin, Slant is above average, but their r some monster beats on this site and in my opinion he hasn’t produced any of them. I’ll check again. constructive criticism.

    -Kew C.R.E.

    @kew c.r.e.,
    everyone has different opinions and has different taste. im not gonna lie i do agree with you that alot of cats dick ride slant and think everry little thing he puts out is amazing but this beats not bad. its not amazing but its not bad.

  20. looks like i got sum work to do..

  21. shitr not me at u slantize got hook different than title how i pm to u

  22. i know im nobody to u but drop to this so i csn drop wit u beat is best since end of my journey and still hsvent drop to that …

    @daveragan, i got a chorus hoiw i pm u

  23. also come check out some trackx my homie n me did

    @cino franklin,

  24. shit is crazy like always. im feelin it.. come check out some trackx i done.

  25. glorious lol ive been missin these beats slant! imma murk this one

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