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Gonna Be Alright (With Hook)

Sep 27 2010 | BPM: 111 | Producer: Adamack
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41 Feedback

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Pop beat with modern elements using synths, hard-hitting drums, and an overall inspiring sound.

Genres: Club, Pop, R&B

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41 Feedback to “Gonna Be Alright (With Hook)”

  1. cool

  2. SICK ! whats the name of the artist that did the hook ?

  3. How the hell can you not understand the hook? Sick beat Adamack.

  4. what he say in the beat ? please say to me !

  5. sick


  6. awesome beat Adamack, i plan to use this no doubt. check out what i did for your “Keep Flyin”


  8. see here

    enjoy it ! !!!!!

  9. who is on the hook..whats his name?

  10. Listen on my free beat

  11. Nice Beat!!! My Flow Over It Check It Out

  12. Its very good beat… this is one of the beat i was looking for…. I ordered track seperation but still i didnt get it… If you can please send it asap coz i loved to work with this beat soon.

  13. dope shit..respects!! nigga whats the hook lyric? reply asap

  14. Hi..
    This beat it’s fantastic, really..
    I have only one question..
    Whats are the words from “52 to ‘1:08 ?? ( the Hook)
    Pleaseeeeee answer me! =)

    ” One day………..above……………take a stay…….. never gonna be alright..”
    What are the other words ?? plssss

    @carbo1995, One day ,when this world will end , we’ll see the light coming from above ,
    together we , we’ll take a stand and everything will be alright .. ;)

    @emirhere, Thank you very much emirhere now i can create my song ! =)

  15. Adamack - Aye…I fucks with this. If anything, to me its pushing the envelope of what you typically hear on the Ville. I’m not sure what everybody is expecting. I mean, it IS in a specific genre…so to me, its dope for THAT genre. Most of the responses I read say its “gay”…but I hear at hit. I hear a song for ABC Family Channel or Nickelodeon…or some Teen movie. Open yawl minds Shadowville!! Just saying…


  16. really hot ,really nice ,its a bomb beat

  17. hey Adamack you are the best. i have a question. can you do it another time but without Hook?
    I hope to responde me !
    respekt Mario

  18. love tha shit homes, im gonna work on writin to tha beat and put tha song out on soundclick or facebook.

  19. how do you know for sure its Stevie Jay on the hook? Do you keep contact or something?

  20. No Problem

  21. ok thanks alot

  22. Yea Mr P I Do It When Marka Or Quis Is On The Hook I Give Them There Props

  23. I wanna make a song to this beat, I’ve started the lyrics but I was wondering if it would be alright if I say it has Stevie Jay featured on it?

  24. pretty cool but adamacks best work. drums sound a bit stockish and dont really hit that hard.. mellodies are cool not hating but yah not feeling ti too much n hook is pretty gayish juss saying.

  25. Can you make this without hook please!! the contrast between the quality of his audio and mine make mine sound like shit lol

  26. Its Stevie Jay On Tha Hook If Any One Wanted To Know:) Great Work Both Of Yall

  27. Hopefully these guys will get out the club and into the streets
    jus sayin


    @guzmandpat, real talk…that hook sounds really gay

  28. Whos On The Hook

  29. been awhile since you put out a beat and it paid off great job!

  30. there ins’t without hook????

  31. can i know what he say ??!! doese any one know !


    One day
    When this world will end
    We’ll see the light coming from above
    together we
    we’ll take a stand
    and everything will be alright


    thx man (y)

  32. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  33. Good shit

  34. Adamack does it again!!

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