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Every Night

Jul 27 2006 | BPM: | Producer: Slantize
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18 Feedback

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80 BPM. Slow paced emotional and reminiscing beat over a steady southern pattern. Also singable over a very melodic tune.

Genres: Dirty South, R&B

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18 Feedback to “Every Night”

  1. good beat Slantize..check this out tell me if you smell me on this one.

  2. ay yeah dis shit hot go chek out da song i did wit it
    its calld “WUS GOOD” dat shit hot az hell kum chek dat out


    @josephluismartinez, Hey man, if u did a song with a, which means u have the beat. could u please send it to me? i’m tryna download it but its unavailable. thanks man i will appreciate it if u did. ( thanks!!

  3. thank you

  4. yehaa :D buenaa beattt saluDOZZ

  5. yeah this very cool
    keep it up homie nd make more than this shit

  6. the song i wrote to this is amazing..i guess the beat gave a lotta inspiration

  7. Yo Im dead serious about buy exclusive rights to this beat when I got the money. Is there anyway you can notify me if someone else buys exclusive rights before me If I aint renting rights for it? Get @ me
    *~Lil JinxXx~*


  9. Yea.. TK hates me .. hahaha u kno im just givin my opinion thats why they made this fuckin post shit.
    Oh yea. Ur beats are a piece of shit man, u only get on the charts cz of promotion.
    n if u dnt like me, how come ur ratin like i was? Stupid fuck.
    Anyway back to topic. Nice soulful beat.. could be ripped by a soulful rapper too. needs a level voice to it.

  10. Man, y’all are killing me with these heart busting beats man…off the hook bro.

  11. lol i gatta get that sause for the my keyboard hahaha

  12. love it the synth sound sick

  13. How do you guys churn out these sweet beats so fast? Awesome as always, homie.

  14. dude this is sum dope shit mane…gotta love them..its like sum chingy/lil’jon stuff right hurr!!! much love mane….keep doin wut u doin and u’ll make it bigger than lil’jon aight peace!!!


  15. beautiful beat baby, i love it. great job as always

  16. dope onn !


  17. I like this one slantize the those synths sound sick.

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