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Came Up (With Hook)

Nov 07 2010 | BPM: 71 | Producer: Adamack
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24 Feedback

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Hard, epic-sounding beat with lots of melodic synths and powerful 808 drum patterns. Hook by Marka.

Genres: Dirty South

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24 Feedback to “Came Up (With Hook)”

  1. best sleep aid over the counter

  2. Jda


  4. ?

  5. Fire Ass Beat Keep it up


    Check out a diss i made to this beat about all the local Whores and Douchebags

  7. props this is sick

  8. Came Up By A Tune FT Crazze C same beat as this one Durty Mindz Ent Check it out.

  9. Hook did a good job in this one, and so did you adamack(Y)

    Good job, keep it up

  10. mos ti fusi hundet njeri te ky bit se e kam une po behet kengeeee :D flm per mirkuptimin

    @bloodyboy, qoma linkun masi ta erfundosh

    @bloodyboy, mos e vrit mendjen lal….. degjoje kur ta kem mbaruar…. dhe beji krahasimin pastaj…. :P KLM

    @wdsgroup, pa merak bisha hahha vec se une si fus ne youtub kenget qe kshu skam cfar krahasimi ti bej,,,,kur ta fusesh ti me sill pak linkun nqs do ta degjoj njer :D klm

    @wdsgroup, nuk i fus ne youtub kenget….i mbaj thjesht ne CD dhe {Comp

    @wdsgroup, qoma linkun masi ta perfundosh

    hej si thuni me perdor si diss qet beat a eshte e mir le te ma jep mendimin ndonje

    @alshiqi, me gjith qef po nuk i fus ne youtub kenget fare e kam studion ne shpi dhe i bej per qef nuk i hap ne publik :D

  11. Im feeling it

  12. Well .. the beat is great tho .. but hook isn’t so good .. after all , the hook and markas interpretation is quite the same like in all previous songs and its kinda boring :P 4/5

  13. i dont think the hook that bad pretty sweet beat is dope tho.

  14. I have to agree with Wyked truth.. Marka usually does some pretty solid hooks but I wasn’t feelin the hook on this one.. The beat itself is DOPE as fuck.. Maybe ya’ll should upload a version without the hook? Just a thought..

    @Strife Divine, i agree….put up a track without the hook…

  15. nice beat bro adamack is back suckas!

  16. sick beat mang…but the hook kinda ruins it… soon as the hook came in …i wanted to shut it off…takes away the vibe of the song…….3/4

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