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Live For This Music

Nov 11 2010 | BPM: 89 | Producer: 2Deep
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55 Feedback

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Grimey street drums with light, emotional pianos.

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55 Feedback to “Live For This Music”

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  16. Ey !! How i Can download this beat … please fast it’s really cool !!

  17. can i purchase this beat, 2deep?

  18. AWESOME :)

  19. Nice beat !


    Wery nice beat , you are amazing :D

  22. thisguy and tristAN i tell u (beast)

  23. 给力啊 瓷

  24. nice beat man

  25. lol just wait a couple weeks ima spit a masterpiece to this

  26. damn.

  27. Keep iiT Wiicked Homiee Lyke Tha Beat..

  28. ı Like beat

  29. yo how do you upload songs i made to face book from the computure

    @fatal32, get an account on and then there is a “share” button over each track. you can post it straight to your fb page. If your talking about making a bandpage for facebookl, check out rootmusic. it’s a bit more complicated but they are making it a bit more slick every day.

  30. Nice nice beat :)

  31. did something to this . not sure how to post links , but check it

    @shewy12, thats a sweet song like holy fuck you have some skillz

    @shewy12, im in on a 2 way collab, holla on pm! ;)

    @shewy12, nice. if you want to do something togehter send me a pm

    @shewy12, Nice dude!

  32. dopeee

  33. thanks… :)

  34. 2-deep…. thanks man!

  35. so amazing

  36. this beat …… love baybe love ;D

  37. Why is this only 6 seconds long?

  38. This ain’t deep !

  39. whens the hook start?

    @frequen-c, 16 bars after the melody starts……

    @tim treezy, lol

  40. wow!!! this is amazing

  41. Nice. I definitely see some singing on the chorus with rap for the verses. Nice mix.

  42. Nice :X

  43. AMAZING …

  44. oooh shit! from drum line to the sample, everything is just…bangin… 5/5

  45. NOW I FEEL THIS BEAT.. ur previous joints were good but felt like they got too much on them
    THIS IS SUPER PERFECT… im gonna kill it

  46. Def an old school feel, I love it.

  47. feels old school i can dig it

  48. dope!

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