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Nov 12 2010 | BPM: 83 | Producer: Adamack
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14 Feedback

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Old school west coast style beat with a laid back, chill vibe using hard drums, guitar, strings, and piano.

Moods: Dark, Relaxed

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14 Feedback to “Throwback”

  1. Respect. beat so good itsunavailable lol… wish i peeped it sooner.. i woulda def copped this beat in a HEARTBEAT.. next time.. keep up the WC feel.. thats my shit.. even though i live in NYC.. but dont tell no one shhhhh <3 Anna

  2. I got ma bro on this beat he on the hook, Adamack if u wanna listen to the hook message me to and ill send you what we got!!

  3. sampled royces rock city eh?

  4. I dig this beat! its smooth! I give it a 5/5*

  5. Adamack u smacked this beat differently fam i deffo gotta drop some shit to this its too good to miss out on!..Safe for this bruddah

  6. Hollyyy shittt. Gangstaaa! Keep em comin Adamack!

  7. oooooooooooooooooooooooooo yea….. WEST…
    ur undoubtedly gained my respect now :)… ur a very talented man adamack :)… get urself some choco :)

  8. Yea Adamack keep em WC Beats coming…

  9. gotta love Adamack, been a long time fan! :)

  10. This is your 1st good beat Adam. And this is hip-hop, in my opinion….

  11. Great instrumental, really enjoyed the hook

  12. Wow, I didnt think Adamack had a G bone in his body.

    But this shit HARD!!

    You gotta throw us more of these every now and then.

    -Kew C.R.E.

    (this shit hard, I think Im scared of Adamack now,lol)

    @kew c.r.e., you wouldnt know about being a G if the letter G raped you in the ass

    @dok holmes always, HAHAHAHAHA

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