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Jul 29 2006 | BPM: | Producer: Slantize
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24 Feedback

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80 BPM. Very unconventional drum pattern with a deep melody, using a fast paced rhythm. Harpsichord, strings, woodwinds, with an uplifting synth hook. A very steady flow would rip this. Based off Eminem’s Crazy In Love beat.

Genres: East Coast, Urban

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24 Feedback to “Determination”

  1. This sounds like Saw mixed with Crazy in Love by Eminem

  2. I had a feeling this was from Crazy In Love so I clicked on the beat to see the description and looks like i was right lol. i could tell mostly from the drumss

  3. Wow Fantastic beat I LOVE it SO Much…

  4. I thought this was the Saw Theme Lol.

  5. wow man this beat is so sick. i would love to rap fast over this..slantize make beats like this more ofrten, and make beats like your old ones like “cruisin” or “hood rider”

  6. oh the hats are a guitar, innovative.

  7. and the bass pattern i think, not positive though.

  8. yeah i was listening to it, and i was like yeah this has the same hi hat and drum & kick pattern as Crazy In Love, then I clicked on the description and sure enough it said you based it on it. That’s good work, I knew exactly what you based it on.

  9. It is like the Saw Theme Song. It’s sick as hell.

  10. love this shiiiiiit

  11. Haha man what the hell is that I liked it until the drumline dropped with a different drum pattern I would like it but how it is I think it’s WACK!!! but the best beats on here in my oppinion are from you!

  12. its like Saw theme tune lol

  13. fuckin nice ass rythmms there man. Love the drum switchups n evthin.. this beat got some potential. the chorus is so driving its crazzy… love the way u do it slant… haha

  14. Whoa dude, like you killed eminem on his own beat…awsome!

  15. wha?

  16. Sounds somewhat Armenian :) Ara Gevorkyan. very nice.

  17. hey man i love it still…..i wonder how long it took u to make it….hmmm….well its a wonder….l8r mane


  18. fuckin fast and awsome…love the hook and the bass….fast is for me…for those who know me know wut im talkin about…love it mane!!!!


  19. nice tracks…fast paced twista could rap on this.

  20. 80 BPM try 160 lol sounds are strait and melodies are strait but it find sounds cartoony with those fast hats i think it owuld sound better at 70 bpm or 65 to make it more of a twista joint or bone thugs n harmony all in all its a decent track but u’ve done better

  21. I Must say i like it…eventho its not exactly my style shits Fresh!!!

  22. Sick.! Those are my only words lol

  23. quick fresh hithats, drums is bangin, sounds like a guitar in tha back kinda…and WHOA!!!!!!!!!!! DAT HOOKS IS RAPIN!!!!!!!!!

    n/m on the hithats, i took a closer listen and noticed it’s a repeated guitar…niiiice lol

  24. muwaahhhahahahahah first to vote :) and first to hear it =) other than those on the site at this moment lol and the creators… sicck beat slant keeeeeeeep it up…i feel proud to be here when he was uploading it…..i feel like ive made a big step in life….LOL…..its like 12am here and im sicker than SARS so forgive me

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