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Nov 14 2010 | BPM: 122 | Producer: Tristan
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58 Feedback

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Catchy synth based pop beat with driving bassline for some serious hit material.

Genres: Club, Pop

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58 Feedback to “Celebrity”

  1. i like it when it gets all slow, beast mode (:

  2. What key is this in?

  3. wow. this is just sad.

  4. wait.. wasn’t this song “unavailable” why is it for sale again… I better re read this site’s legal papers. why is it for sale again?

  5. wait.. wasn’t this song “unavailable” why is it for sale again… I better re read this site’s legal papers.

  6. wowwwww

  7. this sounds too familiar.. ohh yeah he ripped the pack

  8. Don’t listen to what people say here. This is fire. 5/5.

  9. this beats fire. how the hell do i purchase it?

  10. Regardless if this was originated from Better Off Alone, it sounds way to much like it. It was the first thing that popped in my head, and apparently a lot of other people’s.

  11. I LOVE YOUR BEATS ITS MY FIRST DAY HEARING YOU AND U R AWESOME!!! lol u should hit me up and we could collab 8177154763 much love ~zulu tha kid~

  12. это ахуенное дермо, чисто бодрячком, побольше бы такого

  13. I’m not a big fan of club- nor pop-beats myself, doesn’t really fit my style, but this beat brings fire! I’ve got it on my brain, keep hearing it inside my head, really catchy, even though I can hear the pop in it, I can still see big hip hop potential. :) I think I’ll write something over this myself.

  14. Tristan.. this beat got a lot of terrible feedback..i personally love the shit.. hate techno..hate pop music.. but this shit knocks hard.. got my studio monitors all loud and shit .. lil sister bugging like TURN THAT SHIT DOWN!! ..everyone here hating , sucks, probably just hating because theyre not creative enough to flip a verse outside of their own comfort zone .. props for the style ..props for the whole beat.. 10/5 yea thats right ..i doubled that you get 5/5 +5 for the cock sucking haters

  15. even if yall dont think its a good beat it sold didnt it??? hahahaha u got owned!!!

  16. One of the more unique beats Ive heard in a while.

    That’s what I love about Shadowville, they all have their own sounds. Something for everyone.

  17. yeaaah! It’s a good beat men!

  18. and to all the dudes talkin shit it fuckin says club,pop genres if u aint a club,pop artist then why u voicin your opinoin to begin with if your styles to thug for this beat then dont fuckin buy it simple as that no reason for all the hattin ass comments

  19. se now i couldnt put lyrics over top of this but im far from hatin on u tristan, what it all comes down to is this is a site to find beats for all diffrent types of artist and i feel like a female rapper could kill this beat like no other

  20. It sounds nothing like Better Off Alone, from drum arrangement to melody and chords, other than the fact that it’s a closely sounding instrument. But you can’t exactly copyright an instrument sound, now can you?

    @Slantize, thats a smack to the face of haterrrzzz. atta boy slant. yur shits off the hook tristan

  21. Hey Tristan..>dz beat is suprb re…gd fo fast rap…nce1..surely gona write ma rhyms on it….grt(y)

  22. I was writing a Hook for this b4 i relized the it was a ”Better off alone” techno remix-
    my hook actually sounded alot like the actual song, Fuck this beat,

    @dok holmes always, what is the actual song isnt the melody copied/covered from another famous song?

    @dok holmes always, fuck this beat? fuck you

    @jimmyhendrinx, fuck you too i guess

  23. i feel this beat is good but not for hip hop music maybe a different genre

    @illacist1, You do realize this site has a Pop Genre right?

    @Tristan, **like** haha you guys need to jack the like button from facebook

  24. this beat’s funny as fuck..

  25. there’s somthing about this beat i just love…i cant see how anyone can really hate it

  26. LOL @ Kids hating, I don’t care what you think. I find this shit hilarious.

    @Tristan, Only similarity is the sound I used. I wasn’t even thinking of that song when I made this be to be 100% honest. I would tell you if I based it off that song, and I didn’t.

    @Tristan, nobody’s hating, we’re giving our opinions. if our opinions happen to not be “yooo this beat goes harddd” then it means that we just don’t like the beat. “I don’t care what you think”, nice attitude bud. instead of being ignorant, you can act more mature and listen to some of the criticism that we’re giving.

    @shaheem and dok holmes always, Grow up! and a dollar and 15 cents for this beat?? Seriously… I heard you blow for a penny

    @shaheem, Sorry but “What are fucking beats.
    Tristan please stop , your beats are torrible.” is hating haha

    @Tristan, i agree with you for that one

    @Tristan, or should i pay ”Alice Deejay?”

    @Tristan, I’ll give you a dollar and 15 cents for this beat

    @dok holmes always,

    exactly so shut the fuck up

    @dok holmes always,

    homie you don’t even have a dollar and 15 cents you broke ass mother fucker

    the day you make a beat that even gets close to “okay” lemme know and send it to me haha

    @bseblplar, I dont make beats so dont hold your breath

  27. i tell you what i kill the track you execute those who hatin on this shit get at me and check out youtube

  28. sounds like Better Off Alone - Alice Deejay. again, unoriginal, when is your OWN style gonna be shown?? or do you not have one? 3/5

    @shaheem, i hear the same melody in the song from wiz khalifa “say yeah”

    @linez, yeah wiz sampled the beat from Better Off Alone as well

    @shaheem, yeah probably he did..whatever;)

    @shaheem, @mv09, holyshit your right lol, thats too funny

  29. U were always dope on CLUB BANGERS Tristan :).. i think u should do more stuff like this :)…geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah.. but without tags :P

  30. Sounds a lot like Alice Deejay’s Better Off Alone. With a modern urban/dance/pop twist.

    @mv09, holyshit your right lol, thats too funny

    @dok holmes always, i thought the same shit, i like your style but your shit sounds like beats that have already been made, same type of melodys and you got that lex luger hi hat and snare roll type shit goin on in all your beats, other then that, your shit gos hard, just not creative enough.

  31. now this, is a definite banger

  32. What are fucking beats.
    Tristan please stop , your beats are torrible.

  33. este bit esta de puta madre!!! quiero maaas!!!

  34. Now this is fucking Dope!

  35. Hot streak ended. Not wack tho. Just not hot.

    -Kew C.R.E.

  36. this one is awesome

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