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Hands Up

Nov 16 2010 | BPM: 123 | Producer: Tristan
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22 Feedback

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Clubby pop beat with heavy dark synths on the verse and an uplifting chorus.

Genres: Club, Pop

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22 Feedback to “Hands Up”

  1. i need this beat please someone help me does anyone have it still??

  2. This beat is the shit, every sound clicks together and forms a masterpiece of a club banger, can’t wait to record over this, I brought it earlier and will defo shout out Tristan on the intro! Keep ‘em coming!

  3. 1A Beat!

    greetz from poland ;)

  4. nAaH i aint feelin this ,…i aint hate’n your flow but i personaly don’t like it .sounds like a beat produced for lady gaga..hahahah. ..hip hop 4 life…. and this aint hip hop

  5. hahaha cant wait recording on this tonight for tommorow gonna ge all the girls to take off there clothes to this hahaha PARTY!!!

    @toxicrated, HI do you have the beat still?? i realy need can you please please
    send it to my email address? contact me for the mailing imformation ill give you my email address.

    i realy love this beat so much and it was suppose to be part of my album
    but my computer got rid of it somehow…… please do me this favor godbless you

  6. Its obvous tristan can make club banger beats id just love to hear a proper like east coast or west coast hip hop beat from him

  7. Dont care what people may say .. this is good ;) likey .. keep masterpiecing :D

  8. sic ass club hit g made me wanna boogie

  9. dope shyt like da transitions def wut sv needed

  10. this beat is to dirty, definitely glad tristans an addition to the site, definitely looking forward to more.

    I think tristan could make an amazing dubstep beat

    @Shadow, I’ve tried making dubstep before. It’s really hard to get the synths to sound good.

  11. Im diggin these club beatz! Keep em’ comin bra!
    -JAIRO- check me out at

  12. DAMN everyone has a bad comment about your beats !!!
    I think you’re good you got talent so keep it up don’t let
    anyone bring you down

  13. im feeling this one, 4/5

  14. dope brother! i love how all ur shits either club rocckin or dirty south/ trap beats. its a nice switch up for this site. dont get me wrong. i LOVE all these producers but this is the kinda shit this place needs

  15. Nice :) i like it … ur different bro :).. but u have to expect critics on this one .. not everyone uses this kinda beats … sometimes people just dont see what u can do on the beat rather than how the beat sounds :)… so.. its cool :) i think u shoudnt get so worked up about them :)… u know ur good

    Please Cheak my Music here:

    @smokey mwa, Nah I’m not worked up, I’m just having fun with people haha. Appreciate the positive feedback though!

  16. This not Hip Hop

    -Kew C.R.E.

    @kew c.r.e., You’re right. It’s not hip hop, it’s pop. There a designated genre for it. If you don’t like pop beats then I suggest you don’t listen to them.

    @kew c.r.e., How is this like” got me losin it”?? That beat is grease(without hook)

    @kew c.r.e., the website’s programmed to suggest beats based on the type of genre. the got me losin it beat is in the pop genre so it just suggested it. its a computer, not a person thats picking those so you can’t blame anyone.

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