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Nov 20 2010 | BPM: 80 | Producer: 2Deep
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63 Feedback

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Choirs, high pitched pianos, and electric guitars with heavy acoustic drums.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Frantic

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63 Feedback to “Steelcasings”

  1. I love this beat.I just finished a song to it. Too bad the beats sold. You can check out my song on my YouTube page.

  2. can you tell me or does anyone know who bought this beat we will pay double for exclusive rights

  3. this is one of the sickest beats i have heard you should make some more like this man

  4. nic pice


  6. yo 2 deep my names under water aka kid heck down in savannah,ga and just wanted you to know beat g33kz and 2 deep are the shit i love spittin bars over it

  7. this is the shit, used it for my backround when spittin them bars, need more

  8. not bad man :)

  9. No one is doing better than Young Fashion to these beat…check it out for your self

  10. fuck u stupass lames

  11. I’m looking to lease beats outside of shadowville. Like package deals, so hit me up at . I’ve recently have done buisness with Tristin and Diamond Stylz .
    803 BANG BANG ENT.

  12. Shit goes hard down south. BANG BANG FOR LIFE

  13. So nice Man)))

  14. GOOD

  15. Very goood. :)))

  16. My Name is Prixx. Im not saying Im gonna be the next best thig in rap. But this is what I did to this song. It came at a proper time too as I needed a hard battle rap beat. Props to 2Deep and Shadowville.

  17. No words! ….. This beat is ouuuuvaaaaa!!
    Apoyo desde EspaƱaaaa!!!



  20. Increible!! :O

  21. Spat over this, check it out if you wish:

    @quantum pause, Your vocabulary is sick. Where you located?

    @uncanny, Ontario, Canada man thanks for the feedback

    @quantum pause,

    @ario, Were you trying to type something? I see blank

  22. im glad as hell this shit is available again. i got awhole track to this shit. 2 Deep i recorded some shit to ur I told myself. check out what im doin. leme know what you think.

  23. Keep rollin’ 2Deep for real ;)

  24. helo

  25. fuck you :D


  27. what are you surrounded by ” haters” this shit goes to hard for someone like you apparently. 2Deep…big ups….i fuck w/ it no doubt.

  28. What are you surrounded by “Yes men”- i dont know man, Im not feeling it.

  29. this is raw, ima bout to flow on it

  30. i take that back my head phones wasn’t on properly the beat is crack

  31. this beat sounds good but it needs a stronger drop when the vers starts..

  32. its ight

  33. oooooooooooo

  34. 2Deep is TOO ReaL!!!!

  35. Gideri var…

  36. awesome beat

  37. as soon as i heard this i wanted to lay a track down that second!

  38. very super beat, i download this.. :D

  39. dla marde!

  40. really good…..the guitar is fantastic!!!

  41. Very nice

  42. excelente instrumental

  43. This beat is a straight take off for me homie. God bless you and your craft 2 deep, keep these flames coming.

  44. good sound i like this

  45. dope shit

  46. good

  47. this is awesome beat is a banga fo sho 100


  48. fuckin amazing having trouble tho finding the hook in there can someone help me out

    @bazerk, as soon as the drums kick in, thats the hook. 8 bars later its a 16 bar verse, right after the slight pause in the verse its the hook again, and so on.

  49. d-o-p-e!

  50. Oh shit, bringing out the big guns! Fuckin’ sick.

  51. Nobody will ever kill this like Cryptic Wisdom did.

    @nikolai12345, Oh really, check this out.

  52. -Track Compassion
    Apologiz Fo Mistakkkkkkkkz..:P

  53. Finally!!! … A very very Sick EASTCOAST BEAT after a long time!!!…. LOVE IT!!… mind fucking…. 2deep has always impressed… in my opinion he is the most hardworking of all the producers here
    he’s part of:
    the unbeatables
    the underground’s most wanted
    + his own production line…… dammm.. thats a lot.. all peace to u!

  54. Pure fire

  55. good shit right here

    dope like opiummmmmmmmm,keep it bangin sun

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