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Nov 23 2010 | BPM: 127 | Producer: Tristan
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14 Feedback

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Heavy electro pop beat and catchy tunes with lots of change up and drops.

Genres: Club, Pop

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14 Feedback to “Countdown”

  1. I like this

  2. GOOD JOB I ♥ U TRISTAN LOL i’m not gay so dont go there but nice beat..

  3. Im liking this Tristan sounds dope, I wanna hear some West Coast Beats from ya tho!!

  4. Good Job man!! Sounds like Pink could drop sumtin on this sh*t!!

  5. it’s a great track a bit schizo sounding but seeing as i do music like this and blend music from different genres i think that its good this site has more songs like this. i know ive heard sum of the reg producers on here do very good club tracks like this.

  6. too bad im so awsome that i wont post it here but i made a funny ass song to this

  7. damn nice work.

  8. This is where I get lost. Is someone suppose 2 rap 2 this or Katy Perry or Lady Gaga hoppin on this?? Miley Sirus??

    Nothin wrong wit that kinda music. But I never here R&B or Pop songz in the forums. Who on this site is gonna rap 2 this beat??(And pull it off)

    But I guess this would help introduce more R&B and Pop artist 2 the site so…….Yeah.
    Im tryna be open minded but Im having a very hard time picturing a tight rhyme 2 this beat.

    Hold Up, Im thinkin Flo Rida might kill this shit!!!

    -Kew C.R.E.

    @kew c.r.e., this site isn’t just for rappers — I can tell you that for a fact since I can see the types of beats that are sold on This site is a business, and as a good business, we have to cater to the demand for different materials by different genre artists.

    As for the forums, it just so happens the forum is populated by rappers.

    @Slantize, Respect. Lord knows we could use some people wit vocal skillz 4 hooks and stuff. These days some of the best songs r Pop songz with rap collabs.

    (Kinda scary when Slant responds, u know. Seer of all, knower of all, the Creator just kiddin.

    -Kew C.R.E.

  9. It’ s pretty good I thought there was to many high sounds on the chorus tho, the synth to me was sounding like it was drowning in the strings

  10. Oh my god! Dude, this is fucking amazing. I love shit like this that blends so many genres. This reminds me of a muse track kind of. Dude I’m fucking ripping it up to this over Thanksgiving!

  11. I like this ;)

  12. Hell of a instrumental, writting an recorden a song to this would be alotta work,

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