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Nov 28 2010 | BPM: 92 | Producer: 2Deep
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6 Feedback

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Violin concerto melodies and a bit of choirs with east coast drums and a heavy bassline.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Frantic

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6 Feedback to “Encore”

    check this out awesome beats kinda searching for like this its our mixtape


  3. I like this beat, it kinda takes u with it , at high velocity !
    here is a little bit so far:

    lets dive into ma brain , a place none has been,
    where DMT let u see god from the pineal gland,
    trauamtic head injury , cell memory from another century
    that makes u go depressed, electric razor opens human flesh ,
    just to study ,and adapt, maybe cum on the chest,
    and u still think that the human kin are holy blessed,
    but with the fetish of the mind they are all messed!

  4. This is Vinnie paz right here G

  5. This is my first review on a beat so idk if you’ll ever see it (2 deep) this is what i’ve been wating for, something kinda hard, war like, ready for beef type of track, this is ill son, keep up the great work, thank God for 2Deep!!! makes me wana just write some raw lyrics

  6. shittin’

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