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Nov 30 2010 | BPM: 92 | Producer: Tristan
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13 Feedback

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Uptempo, hyphy, bay area style club beat with synth droplets and synth strings over heavy hitting bass kicks.

Moods: Dark
Genres: Club, West Coast

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13 Feedback to “VIP”

  1. I can dig it beby!

  2. This shit is DOPE!!!!!! Man, I wanna hear what kind of crazy shit you do with that, “Wand” sound effect from Zelda.. Haha, I bet you’ll do some off the wall SICK shit! Good stuff!

  3. Hey Tristan nice beat man, I know you probably won’t reply to this but, I wanna try to join svp “Eventually” I’ve bought so many drum kit’s but I can’t find one’s that match those heavy 808 bass line’s, I was wondering where you got yours?? I think I asked Nine Diamond this once but he never answered, hopefully you will, it would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance, and nice beat!!!

    @lilnate93, I made most of mine from scatch dude.

  4. Very different, and hot.
    Good shit.

    -Kew C.R.E.

  5. Appreciate the support btw.

  6. This is real bullshit! Please, try to find new hobbie, this is not yours! I am so sorry about that! Our life is too short, so stop making mistakes. I am on your side!

    @yeyover, Hi hater! :) @Tristan, Dope beat! I love how that bass rides. Keep the beats coming and dust these haters off. You’re one of my favs up here. A COMPLETELY different style from the others. I love all the producers up here but you bring styles none of the others have shown. Slant, you have all bases covered now! Good work.

    BTW, SHADOWVILLIANS! If a beat is not your style that does not make it wack! Just because you can’t make hit out of it doesn’t mean no other artist can… COME ON SON! Get the fuck out of here with that shit! LOL!

    @yeyover, LOLOL u mad?

  7. FIREEEEEEEEE ! I LOVE THIS ONE like every yours !

  8. Now THIS is dope, 5/5.

  9. Love the Synths, uve always rocked the synths… great panning on the hats!! :)… i was asking u some days back about you making WEST COASTERS and EASTCOASTERS… this is fucking dope man :)… i dono why u dont do it…

    Crazy shit!!

  10. I don’t think you’ve dropped a beat I don’t like

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