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My Clique

Aug 11 2006 | BPM: | Producer: hala-X
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38 Feedback

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85 BPM. Simple guitar over a reggaeton pattern. This definitely makes you wanna move it all around.

Moods: Dark, Silly
Genres: Club, Reggaeton

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38 Feedback to “My Clique”

  1. mupirocin ointment over the counter

  2. 想要这个伴奏


  4. hhaha u cant get this beat cus noizy already used it lol

  5. i want the instumental plssssssssssss

  6. noizy jena mbreter!!!!

  7. owowowowowowowowo nice beat how to get free your beat


  9. Chec It

  10. search on Youtube for Noizy - Jena Mbreter,he used this beat

  11. I was chilling with my wife and we played with your beat on PRO TOOLS and came up with some wicked stuff. She has done many songs with different people in ie. TEXAS, CALI, NEW YORK, etc. we really like your beat and its the product of a master mind. Hit me up if you would like to hear what your beat sounds like with some lyrics.

  12. Yo.. Check this out..

  13. hey hala-x U know that with this beat someone has mixed a song have you checked it out on youtube???if U haven’t write it like this: noizy jena mbreter ….respect!!!!!!!

    none profit website.
    all songs on this site are from

  15. good stuff!!! keep it going, i’ll keep an eye on your beats…i can freestyle to this 247

  16. i agree with a.j and zest. I’ve been thinking about using this for a while but it doesn’t get hype or reggaey enough for me lol. I feel it was the same issue with your ’swag’ beat, while the hook is amazing and the switches are nice, theres not enough of them and it gets to repetitive. annoying evening. but in certain points of both beats it gets crazy ill, so much respect still.

  17. this beat is good man

  18. Fucking chron beat…. i would like to use it for a rap, (not for sale) just for fun.

  19. being hispanic and living in a hispanic country, i got 2 say dat it is catchy but its a poor beat compared to regular reggaeton beat. if youre gonna make reggeaton use the reggeaton pattern (which is called dembow) and mix it wit a club banger. make a club banger, south, crunk, hardcore, gangsta or rnb beat with a dembow pattern and youll have yourself a reggeaton beat.

  20. its aight, but u gotta make a reggeaton beat, wit some clubstyle in it. an agressive kick that blow ya speakers to hell, that would be perfect, and u wit your knowlegde of beatmaking can do it. down here in the netherlands (amsterdam) they listen alot to that kind a shit. so i really need to hear one like that of you. keep up tha good work.

  21. This is a every good beats ???

  22. speed it up, give it some more attitude

  23. long time fan dis joint nice but more drum patterns is the way to go man i know how to make ok drum loops for reggae but not so good in melows
    but overall melow was good and beat as well

  24. This beat is sick when it comes to 2:55 .. Love it right there! =)

    Hala for president!

  25. true, honestly tho, i agree with ZesT entirely, (except for the part about it being slantize’s beat) its not very reggeaton at all, u just layed down reggeaton drum pattern and went on to make a sort of southern/club beat, and it didnt really work in my opinion. but i’ll give you props, definatly not my favorite from you tho

  26. yep i know, but i admit, it could be read the wrong way..

  27. thats what a fan does. oh and the whole refund thing was just a JOKE. i was just kidding…

  28. Refund for what? who told you to sit all this time and wait?

  29. wow….really not impressed. i’ve been waitin for reggaeton beat from u guys forever and this is the best u can do????? where’s my refund?

  30. fuckin nice beat

  31. numba 6 is right on this beat

  32. dude this is sum crazy shit man..its like gangsta reggaeton man….i love it i like the symbol too…nice job with the whole thing hala….keep it up man..u’ll be sellin this to pitbull…lol


  33. the beat gets boring, in reggaeton thats why they alot of drum changes, build-ups and all that. take time and listen to 1. instruments and melodies change as well. iim not trying to bag on u or noting slant but it sounds nothing like reggaeton. try to get diff style drums.

  34. sick maan sick i dont like the regea idea but the gitar is awsome

  35. BRAAAAP another explosive beat heh thnx Hala for another one, keep it gangsta homie

  36. love this beat…the guitar is awesome!

  37. Think Again because AntiMatter Formns The Illest Possible Lyrics
    The master Rapper Rhymes egnor The Laws Of Quantium physics

    I Wrote A Peice To This.. .Damn This Shit is dope as hell.. I Can’t give you any decent feed partly because i’m 14 years old and know jack shit of beat making.. but damn this gave me a shiver down my spine man..

    5 star from me.. this is in my top 5 of fav beats of all time.. just love the fast pace

    good work

  38. got to be the illist beat using the FL studio guitar. i like the flow on the beat and the synths are hot.

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