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The Anthem

Dec 03 2010 | BPM: 72 | Producer: Tristan
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32 Feedback

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Uplifting anthem with brass, electric guitars, and steady synths over 808s.

Genres: Dirty South

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32 Feedback to “The Anthem”

  1. I finally bought this.
    Thanks Tristan.
    Keep in touch and you can hear the song Im’a make with this amazing beat.

    @shadow315, Hey did you buy this beat exclusively?

    @tmell22, Yessir.

  2. DAM
    bro this is some nice stuff

  3. badass

  4. there it is again

  5. yo man, wat software do u use 4 beatmaking?!

  6. fina lay the track down in two more days ill send the link soon

  7. Your beats sounds alot like Johnny Juliano…But still theyre fucking hot man keep it up

  8. dam tristan how did you make this?!

    @jordi_smith, who knows Jord

  9. I can dig it

  10. I agree..Id luv 2 see what kinda of hook you would put on this beat.-M.L

  11. amazing beat, good job, 5/5


  13. Very original. Keep doin what u doin ’cause it’s working. I hope u are selling some of these beats because they are worthy. Just curious if you don’t mind me asking, how old are you? You sound very young when u say “Tristan on the track.”

    @raparoot, It’s not me saying the tag haha I’m 21

  14. Sounds really similar to a vybe beat but cant remember which one…. top flight maybe…

  15. I thinkk this is the sickest beat you ever made, that sound that you used on the hook is so sickk, but I do have one question/concern why do you always use the same clap on almost all your beats? I personally prefer snares, it might help you to throw something different down.

    @nikolai12345, and you always do the reverb clap too.

    @nikolai12345, Just my style and the drums I prefer to use.

  16. What Sample is that? Sounds like Silverchair

    @dok holmes always, No sample or replayed melody in this beat.

    @Tristan, heres a track i did to your ”countdown” beat

  17. This is EXACTLY what I was waiting for! :D I knew you’d be doing something else than the usual club/pop-beats, this is FIRE!!! :D Keep ‘em coming, you’re one of the greatest in my book. :)

    @B, Appreciate that, yeah I do anthem beats too once in a while.

  18. AMAZING ! the best from you so far ! 5/5

  19. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY INSANE !!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. U shouldve asked the Machas with attitude to tear it instead…
    these guys are crazzzzzzzzzzy LOLZ

  21. Dope :)

  22. This is pretty nice…you should’ve gotten Marka to tear up that hook

    @King Cobra, Yeah Marka’s sick on hooks and a cool guy but I don’t feel like investing the money in a hook haha.

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