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Dec 03 2010 | BPM: 121 | Producer: Tristan
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14 Feedback

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Uptempo electro pop track with steadily grinding synths and uplifting melodies and inspirational chords on the chorus.

Genres: Club, Pop

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14 Feedback to “Tonight”

  1. goood) tristan)

  2. I could smash my girl all nite to this track nice work T’


  4. tristan your super sick im feeling your beats 4 shur

  5. woooooow,your high tempo works are great

  6. I LIKE ! ^^

  7. I love that techno sound i can see like outerspace or some shit in my head this beat is sick

  8. this is by far one of the best beats on shadowville besides 2deeps unleashed

    @marduk, whoooa, lets not get too carried away now

    @marduk, i think you mean smoke’s?

  9. You are a true Mad Scientist When it comes to bangen beats, at first i couldnt hear the genius an in your tracks thankfully have have began too

    @dok holmes always, i ment i’ve begun to hear the genuis in your work

  10. One of my favorites of yours thus far. I’m not sure why, just really feeling it.

  11. ..meh, i thinks i could fucks with it

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