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Dec 06 2010 | BPM: 87 | Producer: 2Deep
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14 Feedback

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Eerie sounding bells, dark pianos, and evil sounding choirs over hard hitting grimey drums.

Moods: Angry, Dark

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14 Feedback to “Silence”

  1. sabryn sony verse’in bashydyr, genosidi bashlatdym, gulaklardan gan akmasyn… popchy halyna, adyna DJ dp Aman dakmasyn

  2. Def sounds like eminems “on fire” and that’s good. One of the best beats here.

  3. @2Deep….. u got sm awesm mind ..2 produce man,, u killing it man ,,realy lik ya beats,,,,,, u twisting it….. good 1…. keep runin man….. all da vry bst 4 ya …. holla

  4. killer beat mane. serious as fuck made me wanna start writin instantly. i did a lil sum to it check it out called “no brain cells”

  5. 2 deep is the best!!..sick beats

  6. its really good beat m8 i wanna more sounds like this trust me 2 Deep ur best one

  7. i thnk everyone can agree 2deep is dope one of my fav producers but def needs 2 switch it up, he does use da same drum kit on like every beats he creates, not puttin him down in any way but it would b nice 2 hear sumthng dif 4 a change, juss my opinion

  8. use some new drum kits bro, sounds the same

  9. ha my name is trenton this is sick shit man

  10. Dont feel this so much
    2 deep bro… u gotta change ur drums man!!.. the same kit.. some new sounds or something to be added plz :) the same.. snare snare Cymbal snare in most of ur beats

    But its really nice :)

  11. 2 sick

  12. too sickkk

  13. thats what i wanna here right there

  14. killed it

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