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Wind It Up

Dec 18 2010 | BPM: 117 | Producer: Allrounda
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21 Feedback

No longer available for download.Play Now

Moving drums, lots of percussion, and uptempo synths blended with alto saxophone elements and various effects.

Genres: Club, Reggaeton

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21 Feedback to “Wind It Up”

  1. The begging is great with the drum’s but as it progresses it get’s the flow a bit to fast in my
    personal thought.

  2. Craig Amk

  3. you should make it available :)

  4. heard your brother happens instrumental to me seemed very good I would greatly appreciate you send them to my email the

    I hope it ok to beat your a spare me your base

    @kily kombat, seem’s good but everyone knows the availability just means you get money
    once he makes it available mixer’s, Synthensizer’s stuff like that are stuff to get into
    yourself if you love it that much. so I’ll end in “YOLO”

  5. this is really good , is it possible you can make it available or do u have another place this can be downloaded

  6. bueno!!!!11

  7. lalallal super :D

  8. “UNAVA─░LABLE!!!” Why won’t you open it? Please to make available! Please!..

  9. this beat is immense how do i get hold of this i do grime and hiphop rnb but im going to do grime and reggae itl be an immense track too can u send this beat to

  10. men, this beat is really good, you’re the best… can you send me this please, i’m from spain, and i ‘m recording my new demo “se busca oyente” please, it’s so difficult to find a beat like this

  11. Who can send me this beat :P I Like it so much

  12. Wind It Up

  13. were can i get this ???

  14. amazing beat !! i love it

  15. this beat is one of the best u got to do more like this one

  16. This beat got me to write a review here again. It’s been.. 2 years?

    I simply love this beat because it’s so versatile. You can do all kinds of flows on it.
    It has to be my new favorite on this site.

  17. It Was The Best. 5 Of 5

  18. dopest reggae beat i have possibly heard

  19. 5/5.. very less reggae beats here :)

  20. Welcome to SVP allrounda :)… it would be amazing if u put in beats without tags man!! SVP users have always been loyal to the producers!
    tats besides the point… amazing beats!….. Love it!!

    please cheak out my songs if u got the time..

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