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Square Biz

Dec 20 2010 | BPM: 83 | Producer: Beatg33kz
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23 Feedback

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Dark piano and brass with grimey guitars combined with heavy kicks and west coast claps.

Moods: Angry, Dark

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23 Feedback to “Square Biz”

  1. malufet .. :) COOL BEAT

  2. , check this out…I downloaded the beat and I’ve recorded about … hear my song … of course the song is not for profit …


  3. my next beat will just be a metronome tapping a tempo of 85bpm

    @Beatg33kz, pwhahahahahahhahahaha.. man dont pay heed to them others…
    i can rap perfectly fine on it.. and take it coming from someone like me :)..

    cheak our songs:

    sounds hot bro cant wait!:D haha lmao

  4. NOTHING IS WRONG WITH THE BEAT.. its perfectly fine… learn to rhyme assholes

  5. İndiremiyorum yardım. Help Me


  7. are yall producers on here American? cuz yalls beatz sound a lil off. even the good ones.

    @mwtrboy, sounds perfectly fine to me to give it that west coast riding vibe. i suppose most of you youngins are beyond the Chronic days

    @Slantize, yeah yeah…and please dont compare yourself to the chronic or anything of that era. dre should smac u wit his mpc. deezam. haha

    @mwtrboy, douche of the year

    i dont care

    @mwtrboy, i’m from texas you idiot

    eeeh, shaddap frenchie

    @mwtrboy, yeah you shake that head

    and im also assuming yall aint from here. good luck. im sure yall will make it in europe..smh

    @Slantize, LMAO

    @smokey mwa, funniest convo i’ve ever seen on this site hahaha never seen a producer tell off someone gave me a good laugh lol.

    @graffwr1ter, ahahahahhaha… yeaa… maan but seriously… Todd and slantize and hala-x are one of the finest….. even Dre gets serious competition!!… LOL.. some newbies just talk to much on these home boys… they can have their agitation at the critics once in a while :P..

    btw.. cheak out ma song:

  8. Loose Cannon should be jumping on this.

    even eastcoasters are rare now a days…. wack ass southside beats… but THIS IS SUPER SICK… i loved it!!!!!!!!!!!

    and yea.. take off the tags plz lol.. a sincerer request from all shadowvillians

  10. Might just be me, but it sounds like the single bass hits like .2 seconds before it should. Unless you meant it to be that way. Like it though.

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