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Hell's Symphony

Oct 21 2006 | BPM: 88 | Producer: hala-X
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40 Feedback

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Extremely powerful battle beat. Hyped choir over chaotic strings. Dark, evil orchestral style.

Genres: Underground

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40 Feedback to “Hell's Symphony”

  1. watch this

  2. i gota song called beast in tha game that goes with this.. how can i contact you to pay for this beat? email me at… i gaurantee that NOBODYS flow is better than mine to this beat

  3. whaaaaaaaaaat da fuuuuuuuuuck??????????????? holy shit bro im speachless this beat is too nasty to be posted bro real talk how much you want cause this beat is the type of beat i like you nasty with them choirs bro you have my support

  4. I recorded on this beat and the engineer shit his pants but i made it work

  5. damn i wanna download this bad boy.. but how?

  6. Love this beat… It’s epic and demonic… perfect for the mood I’m in. I’mma murder this beat… Hala-X you gotta make a Part III to this beat… it’s so sick I give you props for that. Your beats are ususally the best ones on here no doubt

  7. you HAVE to have a powerful voice to do this beat justice

  8. Черт я кончаю от этого минуса!!!


  10. it seems like all of hala’s beats are really repetitive

  11. i LOVE this beat. i even threw somethin together on it. what original song sampled for it?

  12. ILLest !$H Ever…..MAkin Satan Skurred [lol]

  13. Man! This is so Sick! I fuckin like it!… I’ll rap an illest shi on it!, Keep it dat way, this MC from Venezuela, loves your track

  14. This beat brings out the evil in me….

  15. omg, this is so sick… one of the best beats I EVER heard! true!
    this is so fucking amazing… I will rap some really crazy shit on it ;)

    in german ;D

    greets, xilef
    ps: let’s pray to you…

  16. …..Beautiful!!!!….dat shit is krazy dawg!!! i love the anthem type beats yo dat shit gutta!!!


  18. yo long time no comment well im back…but yeah i love this beat even though you cant really rap or sing on it…the strings are wild and the orchestra is freaky good job hala-x


  19. very powerful beat man……………….
    dame evilllllllllllllllllllll

  20. IS a good one, but it’s difficult to rap in this beat….is too much, too much powerful….very powerful……..

  21. im fuckin speachless, wow , i aint even gona try to spit on this one..

  22. dammmn this beat is so sick

  23. emre

  24. damn, your beats are just too perfect!!! I love ya, Hala!!!!

  25. haha im glad you like it.. THAT much

  26. This Beat IS F U C K I N G U N B E L I E V A B L E

    I MEAN H O L Y F U C K

    I Mean H O L Y H E L L

  27. the beat sounds so sick very nice sample 9/10 scary but i cant spit to this

  28. hell with this, its been #1 for like 2 weeks -_-

  29. dope beat!!!

  30. SHiiit This beat is fuckin scaring me…LOL real good beat! nice work… keep it up


  32. soo much damn hype… holy shit

  33. This beat scares the hell out of me, it’s that good.

  34. i hope the next beat u’ll mak b simailar to lothal’ opra’ , ‘m waitin’ 0_0

  35. God damn Hala wut a way to follow come equipped

  36. 6 out of 5 on this one, god do I love epic beats with choirs

  37. this is by far your greatest beat Hala-X and turned this shit into by far my greatest rap song so far

  38. pretty sick right here nice use of samples

  39. this is sick as hell, once again hala a.k.a chop masta x managed to kill it

  40. yeepyyyy first one to comm :p listn & feel fiiiiiiiire n hell uponnnn alll burn enmiez Burrrnnnnnnnnnnnnn (:(

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