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My Homies

Jan 05 2007 | BPM: | Producer: Slantize
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14 Feedback

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Groovy style beat with clavichord synths, whistles, organs, and electric pianos over steady west coast drums.

Moods: Happy, Silly
Genres: Club, Pop, West Coast

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14 Feedback to “My Homies”

  1. Was Up Man?Im Really Getting In This Beat,I was Woundering If I Can get This Beat please ill Put Your Name In To It???… Im Only 16 N I Want To get Some Bad Ass Beats Like yours man

  2. Download Beat It Right This Way Facilities Assessment will be best for you give us an Slantize

  3. dope ass beat , really diggin it

    made a comedy track to this! “Under The Influence”, by Mr. AL of Storm Squad Records! peep it!

  5. lol everyone dissed the guy that said evil. Depends on how you look at it….it could easily be flipped from a shoutout to the homies track, to a comedic psycho about riding up to elementary schools and kidnapping the children, then taking them to a fun house WHERE YOU RAPE THEM VIOLENTLY AND THEN FEAST UPON THEIR DEPARTED LIGAMENTS or something like that.

  6. Snoop feat. the Wu-Tang Clan on this would be dope

  7. no it sounds like a shoutout to da homies track

  8. Shit… soundz like “Ganksta lovin’ ” by Eve and Alicia

  9. lol

  10. evil. no. hype. no.
    mos def on some rider shit tho.
    im feelin some dip low, whippin da whip on this one.

  11. it has Vibe up in the beat

    not really evil

  12. haha…he said hype and evil…what the hell r u smokin dude….ahahahahahahahahha

  13. evil? wtf

  14. definately dope shit.. hype, evil as hell ..

    keep it up

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