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Flash My Ice

Mar 20 2007 | BPM: | Producer: ADP
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8 Feedback

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75 BPM. Steady bouncing mix somewhere between crunk and hyphy.

Moods: Silly
Genres: Club

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8 Feedback to “Flash My Ice”

  1. coool

  2. most club beats aint this flowy. everythings “Dope” as long as its flowy.5/5 I dig this beat.

  3. i do prefer hyphy over crunk. this is hot, but it would be hotter if it had more kick and bass

  4. I hate crunk beats .. East Coast beats are cool..

  5. man adp thank u man ive been doin all these krunk beats but im a hyphey rapper those who dont know its a big difference i’ve been askin for a beat like this

  6. you make beats that i’m just not right for but wish i was cuz ther all just so fuckin sick. this is def a beat i would love to hear in a club.

  7. Daayyuuummnn

  8. this is a siiiiickkkkk beat man really good job on it! 5/5

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