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May 05 2007 | BPM: | Producer: hala-X
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44 Feedback

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86 BPM. Dark guitars on a gritty drum pattern. Real fresh sampled hook. Hype overall.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Frantic

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44 Feedback to “Dreams”

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  3. hey bro could u send me this to my email my man kep doin ya thing Hala-X

  4. lik it

  5. Very Nice Song..

  6. Bro, this is one of my favorites. You should do more !! haha

  7. Just curious, was this beat ripped and sampled to create this song?

    or did you sample the beat and vocals from something else too?

    or did he just have permission from you?

  8. man i dont kare what they say about the chorus not fittin… man you got to feel what this man felt makin it.. i made a hell of a political song to this and it matches absolutely perfect.. with the feel and meaning of the beat.. if you get a chance check it out.. at on our myspace

  9. nana

  10. I love the beat, but I think the chorus ruins it a little bit… The beat is dark & horror like, but “I want you ride the sky in my sweet dreams” ? Don’t think it fits

    @patrickmz, I agree, The hook shouldnt be like it is. Plus its not even the same melody as the rest of the beat

  11. ripped it fucking hard

  12. close your eyes imagine a sweet dream yeah !

  13. Oh shit, consider my wig flipped !

    This beats fuckin’ hard and the samplse all sound amazing .
    Me and my homie spit some shit on this, unmatchable by other emcess lol.
    Hala knows what time it is, seriously this cat makes the most dope beats on fuckin’ Earth .

    @infamoustbear, check out the track that the KUSH KareGivas put down to this… and see if you are unmatchable.. check them out om me what you think .

  14. i like the echo on the hook thats me though i did a track to do this way long time ago

  15. I can definately jump on this track, loving the sample from Air Supply’s Sweet Dreams track! 10/10.

  16. this beat gets better everytime i listen to it.


  18. aight, no biggie, everyone has to be jealous of someone right?

  19. im sorry but i just happen to be that guy that doesnt like you

  20. Shits Dope…

  21. Reminds me of the Jay-Z and Biggie beat (dreams)

  22. Nice beat is a DREAMS PART 2 comeing out gooooo on!!!

  23. hi brothers i am of venezuela, i need beats.
    i not have money.
    i need beats free, have?
    Sorry my english sux

  24. good beat douh

  25. omg omg omg do more like thees mate

  26. i will for sure be shreddin this think….u have done it again hala…..

  27. this beat is hard

  28. it´s ok the hook is fresh

  29. he should of kept the same beat as the hook after the hook dropped instead of keeping the 1st beat


    my artist did a song to this beat check it out

  31. the beats tight but you should make it longer and and take out (sweet dreams) in the chorus.

  32. this shit beat is fuckin cool man !! it supposed to b the first rate song.dun u think sa ??!!

  33. cool beat

  34. fuck yea, i can flow to this shyt easy, this shyt is fiya! lol

  35. 96kbps?

  36. Yer Yer tight man!

  37. lol

  38. DNA read 1st comment

  39. what does the high pitch say in the HooK?


  41. this shit is fya!!!!!!!!! nice work on tha sample i can definitly picture myself killin this shit

  42. hala - i like this instrumental, its fresh….if you removed the echo on the hook it would sound better! When it goes “close your eyes i want to ride the sky’s in my sweet dreams”(the echo is here it says ‘dreams’)

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