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Hell's Symphony Pt. II

ON SALE: $199 | BPM: 115 | Producer: hala-X
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36 Feedback

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Epic battle like feeling with hype choir and sharp strings. Fast paced and war-like.

Moods: Angry, Epic, Frantic

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36 Feedback to “Hell's Symphony Pt. II”

  1. The beat is amazing, but why did you post it in such low quality? 96kb/s 22khz? This is like super low, even for mp3 standard.

  2. its also a dawm great beat for breakdance ;) good job

  3. Im from quebec and i put the whorst beat ever on it all my friend dont believe it its realy a f*****g real dark beat big up!

  4. Me and my dude killed it, I’m on the second verse, to bad it’s older but w/e much love, please peep it!

  5. you make some of the best fuckin battle beats out there man i straight thrash motherfuckers with theses beats,mainly this and the destroyer .-Fucking Madness

  6. great job!!

  7. totaly awesome…

  8. this beat eat my mind bro…………

  9. daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaym!
    i still go crazy over this

  10. Yo, respecto hala-x!!!

  11. I love this one, would buy it, but I have no money…Sooo :/ Nice work, keep it up!

  12. not a successful one but not disgusting too

  13. Esta base esta de puta madre!

  14. a lil 2 fast for me but this shit is beast as fuck just like the first one. i’d give them both a million stars.

  15. ohaaaa


  17. where can i hear tha original sond clip “hells angels” or wuteva iz called

  18. nigga im hell’s spitta haha no joke i spit shit that keep u awake @ nite n giv u nitemares 4 months n this shit just makes me wanna spit tha most twisted shit eva hit me up mayn ( i wanna c if we can wirk sumthin out

  19. how da fuQK did u get da actual hell angelz samplez cleared [lol] nice $h!t!!!

  20. whats cool about this beat is that its easy for me to rip it at about 54535435345 silibles a sec hahaha

  21. fucking sick beat one of best beats on this fuckin syte makes you wanna go fuckin mental and kill everyone lol fuckin sick tho

  22. this shit iz nuts!!!!

  23. this beat is the shit dough!!!! i like this mutha fucking beat!!!!!!

  24. Yea this one is definitely hot, for me its works for playing competitive games, this beat gets you in a certain mood, just as described fast paced war like. But what would be amazing a part III with the opera at the beginning of the track repeated with a slower grimey beat. Keep this up, beats are fantastic.

  25. DOG!!! This beat is frikkin INSANE! Everytime i hear it, it makes me wanna kill people wile listening to it! hahaha….CRAZY…simply crazy…

  26. Greetings from Germany!!! I am a Christian Rapper from Bremen. I think this Beat is a special one. Special means: Unbelievable!!
    Be blessed and keep it on!

  27. yeh hala-X it’s a nice remix from Esclafowne was the sample Dance Of The Cursed ?

  28. You’re welcome then

  29. i was waiting for someone to sample Escaflowne

  30. hala i love it when u do beats like this so grimey, so original, so just straight up FUCKING AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep um commin

  31. that part with orchestral snare rolls and strings in the back, with alot going on is the hook

  32. the beat is sick….but i jus have no idea where to start my verses lol….gotta be really critical on this beat, 5000000 stars for this hala amazing

  33. Coo…..

  34. Daaaaamn!!!!
    This is so sick!

  35. I think i like this one better, you can do more with this beat. it could be gangsta, and underground, but it could def be a club beat too.

  36. HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!

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