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Street Groovin' Pt. II

Aug 11 2007 | BPM: 72 | Producer: hala-X
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16 Feedback

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Funky horn sample and chorus with slow ridin drums.

Moods: Happy, Soulful
Genres: Underground

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16 Feedback to “Street Groovin' Pt. II”

  1. pg slot -

  2. I rocked a verse on this,peep

  3. awesome as always

  4. i just wanna know what she say in this beat !!!


    out on the street… out on the street…
    boys playing games.. changin their names.. rollin tricks.. gettin their kicks..

  5. thats sweet 5/5

  6. fuckin love it baby

  7. i like this beat

  8. damnnn love this joint…. good shit bro keep it up 5/5

  9. another killer here. i agree with nate on the slantize being the best, but i completely disagree with him on this being wack. this is the craziest ive heard on the ville yet.

    5 star (and ur catchin up to slantize hala)

  10. Daaaaaaam i love it

  11. Ok honestly I think slantize is the best on this site cause he barely ever drops a beat where people say it sucks or its wack he always drops something good and honestly in my oppinon this beat and chorus is retarded man this is the type a shit that I refuse to listen to I like all types of music but this nah man THIS IS WACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Cam’Ron feat.Eve would kill it

  13. No question, hala-X is the sickest. Everyone else on this site is good at what they do, but hala’s always original and always hot.

  14. this shit is sick duu

  15. this some soul

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