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Dust It Off

Aug 12 2007 | BPM: | Producer: ADP
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9 Feedback

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85 BPM. Mesmerizing modulated whistle chorus, square lead stabs throughout the verses with some various synths thrown together.

Moods: Frantic
Genres: Club

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9 Feedback to “Dust It Off”

  1. WTF LOVE IT..

  2. man adp i had a song in my head called dust it off and when i heard ya beat i down laoded and made the track ,cuase i could never find a beat that fit and u made that beat it crazy son .its on my myspace page .listen if u cant rap off that beat u dont need to be rappin .lol it dont need nothing straight ,the drums and base is booming and the beat is perfect.i wish i could give u my link on here to my page so u can hear it

  3. this one wickedly cool beat actually one of my favorites to listen to. but i think it would be a little better if you put some drums also.

  4. this club beat is off the hook, yeah you do got them club beats on lock down here on shadowville

  5. incredible beat..

  6. 1 0f ur best man i luv it when it comes 2 club beats u got shadowville

  7. What sample is that? the big bang type sample after every like 16 bars, it sounds very orchestral…which is good!

  8. Damn.. Love the melody of this one.

  9. Ridiculously sick… Just need some kicking drum fills between phrases and this would be off the hook.

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