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Cold Hearted

Oct 04 2007 | BPM: 87 | Producer: Slantize
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17 Feedback

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Dark and grimey piano, violin, and guitar beat. Makes you feel like you’re descending into a dark and unknown place.

Moods: Dark, Epic, Sad

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17 Feedback to “Cold Hearted”

  1. Pay attention…listen Up… I’m quicker… to pick her up… Chop it up… Like dinner Wear… I swear I’m meant to Cut rug… roll it up…Trim the hedges … Up a bit…clean as a Whip… Slice a cut… Nice as her butt…Raise the price of crack…Take my advice a fact
    beginners stare Rolling up a blunt… Hold her up … High as fuck Like my lunch
    Slice Cuts made for a slice slick hit it Home… right on time… I’m to dine with a dime Right on time…heads up tails duck for the bux… Lightening fly high tempered… Imagine a Flashing action in her life tures tempted With my One liner luck… Bout time I Struck a listener… Stripper Found a way to drowned around my Zipper…. down slow, Go tip her fast… I wonder will she last…Silly cash, scrilla really fast

  2. this beat is FIYAR! like sinima’S beat FIYAR!!

  3. Nice beat. I used this one…Freestyle!

    check it out

  4. its a great beat but it doesnt make me feel too good. Your description is dead on. It feels like a miner who is being lowered into a never ending cave with no way out.

  5. that beat is off the chain

  6. sounds good = D

  7. i ain’t like that shit at all nigga

  8. Thank for this beat! very very very NIce dude!

  9. Nice job once again, Slantize without a doubt I’ll be using this one. Thanks


  10. if you can make a beat with drums, en verry lot pianos, than whan i buy that for the price you say give me a comment of a viggiaa

    gr.raimz @ Eindhoven S.O.S

  11. this is dope

  12. very nıce beat thanks for it

  13. wow dawg u just keep killin um baby! haha this is dope :)

  14. this shit is fire!

  15. its a badass beat but i think the guitar is too loud..but overall good jam

  16. nice beat

  17. This beat is Fiyar!

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